Choose Your Own Adventure: Dating EXO!

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An interactive story ft. exo


Dating EXO is an interactive story about a girl (You) who meets one of the EXO, the rising boy band in worldwide. Of course,
you can choose your own bias to be your lover! 

This story was once made on 2012 by GreasyBacon (is now Jungyeols)
and later was deleted due to some problems. This fanfic was inspired by dulcee, the creator of Dating SHINee. You
can choose your very own biases in this game to make your very own life with EXO!



WARNING: You might see a lot of fanfiction with the same title but this is purely my work. 





Title : Dating EXO: Choose Your Own Adventure
Characters: EXO
Genre:  Comedy/Games/Romance
A/N: Hi there! It's Jungyeols. I am here to introduce my very first game fanfiction: Dating EXO! And I hope you would like it! Do subscribe, comment and also upvote since they don't cost any penny to me! Thank you!


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★Dating EXO: I am going to finish it!

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84 streak #1
Chapter 17: what does a girl look like asking a girl lol
Kyungsoo appeared haha
84 streak #2
Chapter 24: wait, kris is here! there'll be something lit awww interesting enough but going back and forth is a little hassle anyway i'll continue
84 streak #3
Chapter 12: I might scared but let him hold me.Let's be fainted xD
84 streak #4
Chapter 23: if it's sehun, i'll follow him everywhere even in the washroom so he wouldn't think of me leaving him anymore hehe
84 streak #5
Chapter 11: ahhhh chapters are like 'i've to leave sehun but what would he think if i leave him alone T.T He's my boyfriend afterall but giving back a lost wallet to its owner is hella important too'
84 streak #6
Chapter 46: erm..confusing! links weren't able to be clicked T.T
84 streak #7
Chapter 35: well, accidentally rubbing other's chest isn't that bad so gonna say yes
84 streak #8
Chapter 22: omygosh!those people who tf are they throwing tomatoes towards hunnie? better go clean his shirt. He's my bf afterall
84 streak #9
Chapter 9: nah i shouldn't go! we should eat lol
84 streak #10
Chapter 7: wait nobody can say a 'no' to sehun and don't even care if he's my bias or not because it's just 'SEHUN' OMFG!
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