More... Than Just Friends?



"Key. That's the guy I was telling you about." My eyes went wide open. My mouth hung open.

"Hyung. That's the guy? THAT'S JUNHYUNG?!?!" Oh . Jonggie won't stand a chance now. I think I even heard her calling the guy Oppa. Like she'll EVER call our poor dino OPPA!


*Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!* I kept pacing back and forth; Beads of sweat dripping from my forehead. * After years of trying to get them together, this GUY has to ruin it? What about becoming Jonggie's brother-in-law? What about becoming a God Father to ChoonHe's kids? I WANT TO SEE SOME BABIES AIGHT? Very cute, angelic, dinosaur looking babies. Yes. That would be so wonderful. If only that dream could turn into reality. But then I remembered.


I stopped my tracks and checked him out yet again(no guys I am NOT gay.) My mouth started to drop in aw. This guy was just DAMN HOT! Arghh. His looks could even match my Yeobo's. ChoonHe was still talking to him calling him Oppa. Argh. Why can't she call Jonghyun that? Oh yeah, that's right. Because she has NO respect for him. I laughed at the thought but then quickly dismissed it. This is not time to be laughing right now.




......... But still, that was pretty funny. (:3)

I looked at the two yet AGAIN. I noticed them laughing with eachother. ChoonHe's arm linked with his, skipping away like they were the only two people in the world. I know that what I'm saying sounds corny, but YOU WOULD THINK SO TOO IF YOU SAW THEM!


They seem really cute together. :D



You're a JongHe shipper!

I walked towards the seemingly elated pair. "Hi!" I waved and wrapped my arm around my sister shoving his arm off of hers.

"Annyeong Oppa." She exclaimed.

"Annyeong my little angel!" I cooed trying to make him jealous. I made kissy faces too. *He doesn't know I'm her brother right?* I took a glance at his face, only to see complete dispair. *HA! I guess he doesn't.* Then I realized something. *He doesnt' like her does he? If he didn't, then why would he look so disappointed right now? OMO! HE DOES!* I then turned to ChoonHe. *But does ChoonHe like him too?*

Then an image from a while ago flashed into my mind.


I watched as my sister was writing something in her diary, giggling every now and then. HOHOHO! What do we have here?

"Lemme see!" I suddenly exclaimed. She looked up and gulped at me, as if forgetting my presence was even there.

"Bwoh? A-aniyo. Y-you can't! It's a secret!" She stuttered. *Ok she is definitely hiding something.* An idea popped into my head then and there.

[~5 in the morning~]

I woke up to the sound of my alarm.

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Ok. YESH! I'm a SNSD fan! So what? Their freaking HOT! I went to the bathroom and the faucet, splashing water on my face trying to stay awake. *Ok! I'm awake now!*

I tiptoed into ChoonHe's room trying to find the hidden treasure. I looked everywhere, under the bed, inside her drawers, even around her underwear. *Pffttt. Hello Kitty? Couldn't she be more mature?* I then thought of something. 

I shoved ChoonHe off her pillow. Surprisingly, she was still sleeping....

...... AND SNORING! Seriously guys, she may seem like a girl in your eyes, but when you're the one behind the scenes, she's 100% man to you! >< *How can she still sleep after I basically shoved her off her pillow? This girl has a body of steel, not even feeling anything!*

I went back to my senses and lifted up her pillow. *Yes, it's shaped like Cinamoroll. I swear, this girl and Sanrio. She's 16 for heaven's sake!* As I expected, I found a diary just laying there. *YESSH! Mission success!*

I started cheering, but then remembered to be quiet. I swear. If you wake up this little devil, you'll wish you were never born. (-_-) I sneaked my way back into my room, locking the door, just in case ChoonHe had the power to sense if something bad happened while sleeping. Wow. I just realized how stupid that sound. (o.O)

I opened the diary and started reading it. And WOAH. Was I SURPRISED! It's about JONGHYUN! ALL about JONGHYUN! Every single page has at least one part about him.

"I don't know why, but whenever that dinohead talks to me, I can't help but feel giddy inside. What's wrong with me?" Is my little girl having a crush?

"The way he looks at me, I just blush at the sight." Omo omo. She's in love!

"I get jealous when prettier girls confess to him. But in the end, I end up elated that he rejects them all." Jealous much? That's okay. I get jealous too. He's my Yeobo afterall . :3

"Diary, I think I'm in love. What should I do?" OMO! She admitted it!

"Today, Jonghyun walked me to school. Well Key too, but I could care less about him XD (Lol. Sorry KiBum! I still love you!) He put his arm around me, and I was just melting. His touch, I just can't get enough of it." YAH! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?

"I want to confess, but I'm nervous. Will he reject me like the rest of the girls?" And I swear it could go on and on, page after page, about her insecurites. Don't worry Dongsaeng. KEY OPPA WILL HELP YOU!

[~Present Time~]

From that point on, I vowed that I would make them a couple. That's why I started bullying everyone who tries to go out or confess to her. I'm reserving her for Jonghyun. I swear, that guy has feelings for her. He just needs that little push, and eventually he'll realize it. I smirked at the thought. I'm absolutely sure she still likes Jonghyun. I can tell just by looking at her. But why do I feel that there's a hint of sadness in her eyes when she does? *Hmm. I must be imagining things.*

"Keyyy Oppa.~ Stop that. Just because I'm your dongsaeng does NOT mean, you can be all touchy~touchy!" She whined stomping her feet. *How cute!*

"Ok Ok. Oppa's sorry. Sorry Dongsaeng." I apologized. I never should have said that, because now, that hot Junhyung guy (I AM NOT GAY! I'm just stating facts.) Is all sunshine and flowers.

"Sooo. You guys are siblings?"

"N--" Before I could answer no, ChoonHe replied with a big fat YES! Crap! Now he thinks he's still in the competition! NOOOO!

[After School] [Jonghyun POV]

YEshhh. School's finally over. I felt as if the day would never end. I can't wait to see that Junhyung guy make a move on ChoonHe. Just watch when Key goes all diva on you. I swear, I would pee my pants if I was ever a victim of his diva slap. It's just absolute HORROR!

Key and I walked to ChoonHe's locker, hoping we could walk home together like we used to do. How I love my friends. *Hmm. That left a bitter taste on my tongue. I must've drank too much coffee at lunch.* We walked to her locker, only to be beaten by THAT GUY. ARGHH! I swear, my blood boils just by the sight of him.

Me and Key eavesdropped on their conversation.

"Soo. ChoonHe. Can you go Christmas shopping with me today? There's a lot of girls in my family, and I have absolutely no idea what to get them." ( =.=) *That's what shop assistants are for. Idiot. You probably just want to go on a date----- OMO OMO NOOOOO! He wants to go on a date with her! Say no ChoonHe. SAY NO!!!*

"Ohh. Sure." She answered with no idea of what his true motive was. I started to panic.

"Key. Key. We have to stop him. He just wants to go on a date with ChoonHe." He saw the panic in my eyes.

"Got it Hyung." Kibum started to walk up to the couple, me trailing behind him. "Hey. Can we join? We need to go shopping too." Just then my girlfriend came out of nowhere.

"Annyeong Jonggie." She kissed my cheeks. "C'mon let's go home." She tugged on my arm.

"Umm I can't right now Babe. I'm going shopping with my friends." I answered sadly.

"Ohh. Then can I come?" Such an angel.

"Of course you can Yeobo. Hey guys let's go now!" I started to pull Sekyung and marched, only to be stopped by a fuming Diva.

"DON"T TELL ME YOU'RE DATING.... HER." He spat furiously. I had no idea why.

"Yeah. Is that a problem?" I spat back.


"BWOH?" Ok. Now I was confused. I'm his freaking Hyung. He should be happy for me.

"I-I mean no. Umm. Nevermind. Congrats." His face full of dispair brightened.

"Aight. Thanks man. Let's go guys."

"HYUUNGG!!! ~~ WE WANT TO GO TOOO!" A happy Taemin shouted from across the hallway. I swear that guy's like a bat. Him and his supernatural hearing abilities.

"Then come on! I want to finish before the sky darkens!" And there you have it. On our way to one of the most stressful shopping sprees we've ever done, with the guy I hate the most. Yong to the ing Junhyung. I hate how his name is sooooo similair to mine. I scoffed at the thought.


You guys like this chapter? Hahaha. I made it pouring love into every single word. I know. That sounds cheesy. But it's the truth!

I just want to say, THANK YOU NEW SUSCRIBERS FOR SUSCRIBING! It means the world to me that people like the story. Thank you everyone for commenting. I find them really funny :D

Saranghae! <3

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Chapter 41: Hahahaha, love the part when JongHyun said he hate JunHyung cause their names are alike XDD
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done at last!
took jonghyun a whole lot of time to finally realize his feelings. . but yay! at last!

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I'm so subscribing to your new one :)
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