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The girl you loved hated you. If she got into an accident one day and she forgot you, would you reintroduce yourself as her enemy....or as someone else, entirely?





Hi everyone! :)

I know this isn't something I usually do because I usually just do long stories (except for that oneshot christmas gift thing I did months back), but well, hehe here is a oneshot for you guys.

I want to thank all of you for waiting for my updates patiently (maybe some not very patient), and I hope you guys understand that uni is taking it's toll on me.


I've never done any impromptu writing since my first fic but I just had to write this because the idea just came to me while I was eating cup noodles ^^ haha.

Hope you guys enjoy this! <3


The girl you loved hated you. If she got into an accident one day and she forgot you, would you reintroduce yourself as her enemy....or as someone else, entirely?




HIM: Kim Jong In (Kai)




HER: Lee Minhee




You have no idea how much I want you,

I love the way you smile,

The way you laugh,

The way you seem to brighten up the room every single time.


You have no idea how much it hurts,

The angry glares,

My hurtful words,

To pretend that I don't when you're the only one I care about.


You have no idea what I would do,

If I could change the way you thought about me.


And apparently I had no idea too.








By reakAma197. I want to thank you so much for making this within hours my my posting up the foreword but haha lol you blocked me so I can't! ^.^"



OH GOD I accidentally closed the tab and the chapter is goneee T.T sorry guys I guess I won't be able to update this tonight! :"(

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JackieZ #1
Chapter 1: Wow, this was beautiful! Well done. I just love all your works and the way you tell stories. Simply amazing
Jaslynn #2
Chapter 1: This is adorable only cause they mutually like each other if this was a case in real life it would be deemed creepy , especially if you were kidnapped by a stranger that believe they are in love with you really disguised as obsession. I know in this case they knew each other, but wow borderline creepy romantic///. It is an adorable fluff don't mind be just stating my opinion about the premise if it was in real life.
A very interesting one shot. Yes, author, I did in fact think about Sehun being left all alone outside
MZ0077 #4
Chapter 1: I am so sad for jongin :'( and what happen to sehun anyway? Kai forgot about him the moment he sees minhee XD
wonderdream #5
It sound interesting. Gonna read it right away
Chapter 1: the pace of the story was really mom kept on calling me to do random stuff, but i was so glued to it, that i ended up getting hit......Dude ur writing style amazing
Chapter 1: this was amazing...u managed to balance romance with reality in sone way...thank u for such a beautiful story
please come back author-nim! T-T
Chapter 1: This story was amazing and beautiful and heartbreaking but romantic in some way and oh god that was so sweet
_koda_reader_ #10
Chapter 1: Even though I don't really like the ending, the rest of the story had me at the edge of a heart attack ... Nice writing :)