Aren't laws made to be broken?


Zitao thought obeying the rules was the only way to protect his loved ones.

Yifan proved him wrong.

Zitao learned the hard way that the system could turn against him. But then again, it was too late.

"Because laws are made to be broken, Zitao. You're like the law maker, I'm here to break it."


It’s an addiction. Obeying the rule, seeing other people who don’t do so get punished, feeling so powerful because I can kill them without even staining my finger with their filthy blood. It really is an addiction, at least for me. I don’t think my desire for getting rid of these people is bad. I just want to keep the place I’m living in peace. Nobody really obeys the rule, probably not as much as I do. So one must step ahead and give others kind of example, right? That’s how my parents taught me.

It’s always an addiction for me.

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shikukari #1
Please update soon author-nim. :DD