Wishful Thinking




Tiffany's wishful thinking.






Random contemplation.


Second chances that may or may not be given.








“Of all things that I could dream about, why does it have to be one with you in it? Why can’t I forget you like how you forgot about me?”  She yawned loudly, she was still sleepy.


Those crescent eyes best known for its 'eyesmiles' blinked then closed shut.


Her mind was likened to a machine with rustic gears. A little oiling would make a big difference. In her case, a cup of coffee would have made her feel alive, alert and perhaps energetic. But that particular morning was different. She woke up after that significant dream. It was a dream that she wished she never had for its effects on her mind and soul were enduring, unsettling and mind-boggling. Despite the large mug of coffee that she had, she still felt tired, not sleepy but tired.




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taeloveny #1
Chapter 11: ! why didn't I found this story earlier?!
such an awesome story!
Great job author! Really love this one!
sman23 #2
Chapter 11: Reread this, such a great story. Thank you.
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 11: omg. The first time I read this I don't have an account yet and then I forgot the title but I can only remember that Tiff is an artist and she wanted to paint on Tae. Omg now that I found it again I'll reread anytime I want. I really love this! Kudos to you
taejellybean #4
Chapter 11: “Fate is nothing without effort.” They get together and love required some efforts but I'm glad for that second chance for the too :)
maemae08 #5
Chapter 11: Awww I love the story hahaha
Chapter 11: Thanks for the diabetes.
taenyric109 #7
Chapter 11: Ahhh! Nice and cute story! Tnx author-ssi! TaeNy is real! ^_^
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 11: THIS WAS AMAZING TOTALLY TAENY FOR YOU,THATS WHAT TAENY IS ABOUT.it was sad but lovely and I loved it that's my taeny ..taeyeon is such a byun.does she ever stops.
facade9138 #9
Chapter 11: oh wow, this was really different than Yes, Taeyeon. No, Tiffany.
nice piece, author!
Chapter 11: Two thumbs up for this story :D
good job author ssi ^_^