Jessica is leaving

We are Girls' Generation!

Meanwhile at SNSD room


"Why is Yuri calling them so urgent?" Ask Tiffany.

"I don't know. And she only call Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yoona unnie." Said Seohyun.

"Well, just wait until they comes back." Said Taeyeon.


"Yah! Yuri! what happened?" ask Tiffany as soon as the 4 girls come in.

The girls sit down.

"The four of us will be a part of SNSD sub-froup." Explain Yoona.

"Mwo?!" the others ask in shocked.

Yuri nodded. "It is a dance group. Soo Man ahjussi just told me about that."

The others just "ooh" and back to their own activities.

Someone knocked the door.

"Excuse me, Taeyeon unnie, can i borrow Jessica unnie?" ask Krystal.

"Sure." Taeyeon said as Jessica follow her sister.

"Wae krys?" ask Jessica as they reach the small cafe in the SM building.

"Eomma is sick. We should go back to US unnie."

"Mwo?! what about SNSD and F(x)?" Jessica spit out her cappucino.

"I don't know. Maybe we have to absent for a while."

"But, i can't leave them Krys. Have you told Soo Man Ahjussi?"

"No. not yet. You care about them more or eomma more?"

"Okay. But how we tell Soo Man ahjussi and have you tell your bandmate?"

"No, I haven't. We have to tell Soo Man first."


"Just tell it. Come with me unnie." Krystal grabbed my hand and we both walk into SooMan ahjussi's office.


"Mwo?! are you serious?"

"Ne ahjussi. We don't know how long we will be there, but we have too."

"Well, i can't say anything. When will you leave?"

"2 days from now."

"We will prepare everything to the media tomorrow. Now, you may go."


Jessica walk back to the SNSD room with such a sad expression. She walked in and dump herself in the sofa covering her face.

"Sica-ah, what's wrong?" ask Tiffany.


"Sica unnie what happened?" ask Yoona.

Jessica sit up properly and everyone become quiet. "I have to go back to US."

"Mwo?! wae?" ask Hyoyeon.

"My eomma is sick."

"So how about SNSD unnie?" ask Seohyun.

"Well, i will be absent. I'm sorry." Jessica lower her head and the girls hug her.

"When will you be leaving?" ask Taeyeon.

"Two days from now."


The girls went back to their dorm as they canceled all their activities for today. They have to help Jessica pack her thing.

"But be sure, you'll come back ne?" ask Tiffany

"I will fany-ah, i will." Said Sica.

"So, should we make a dinner party tomorrow?" Sooyoung suggest

"It will be great." Said Sunny.

"But, where? We can't go to restaurant. Other might see us." ask Yoona.

"Well, we can just book a private room." Said Sunny.

"I agree with you." Said Yuri.

"So, duck salt water?" ask Sooyoung

"Agree!" the girls shout and back to help Jessicca.


It was midnight and Jessica still can't sleep. She really can't sleep. She didn't want to leave SNSD, but she have to. She still want to perform, to have fun, to laugh together, to spend her time together with them. Jessica didn't know if she can go back to SNSD or not, but she hope she will be able to. She want to give something to each of the member. So, she wear a white t-shirts and jeans and walk out from the dorm.

She went to a midnight mall and buy them accesorice. She paid it all and went out. She walked along the street as she didn't know what to do. She just sighed over and over.


------------------- MORNING ------------------

The girls are preparing for their last show with Jessica before she go back to America. The newspaper today is all about Jessica.

SM entertainment have so much calls, message, letters, and everything. Yet, Jessica still keep her present and will give it to them tomorrow, at the airport.

They are preparing for Mr.Taxi and Run Devil Run.

"We can do this right?" shout Taeyeon.

"Ne! So Nyeo Si Dae fighting!" the girls shouted as they went to the stage.


---------- F(x) practice room ------------

"yah! Krystal! why you just tell us now?" ask Victoria.

"Mianhae unnie." Said Krystal.

"You should said it earlier." Said Victoria.

"So, we should have dinner tonight." Said Luna drinking her orange juice.

"Well, how long will you be there krys?" ask Sulli.

"I don't know." said Krystal.

"But you'll be back right?" ask Victoria.


"What you mean by maybe?" Amber ask.

"I don't know. I hope so." Krystal said and leave the room.


---- Night -----

The SNSD girls are preparing for their dinner party. Taeyeon with his black dress and a pink ribbon, Jessica with her gray dress, Sunny with her green tight T-shirt and jeans, Tiffany with her white tang top and red tight pants, Hyoyeon with a casual with a white dress, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun in T-shirts and Jeans.

They went to the water salt duck restaurant and hurriedly went to the private room that Yuri booked.

They all began eating happily as they forgot Jessica will be leaving soon. They laughed and joked around making the atmosphere good.



The girls are taking Jesica and Krystal to the airport as fans are crowding the airport. SNSD and F(x) are teary as Jessica and Krystal make her way to the plane. Suddenly, Jessica stop and turn back. She run to the girls and give them the present she had bought.

"Sica, when you buy this?"

"Two days ago."

"Gomawo sica. Sorry we can't give you anything." Sunny said wiping her tears.

"Gwaenchana. You guys are the present for me. Bye." Sica said and run to the plane.

Giving her last wave to SNSD.



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