My love *KangTeuk Version*


After had a big fight with his ex-girfriend,Leeteuk become very quiet person which he was not... an inccident met him with a guy that change his life forever....


I haven`t write a story quite some time.... so,I hope you like it and plez inform me if there were a mistake in my fic....

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 65: ahh update soon :D
Chapter 65: I should scold u n beat u >:(
hebteuk #3
Chapter 65: ooh new upload i missed this story so much.. i hope they let them go
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 64: So Cute Ahh cant control feels please update soon
TeukTeukTeuk #5
Chapter 64: finally an update! :))))

leeteuk is so cute! haha

good job author-sshi! :D
hebteuk #6
Chapter 63: study date..kangin can do anything to have teukie by his side ❤ lol that's too cute..u know my opinion abt ur Too cute story already, but don't let me wait that long again dongsaeng nd welcome back ^^
Chapter 7: From which variety show is the picture on the top???
I start to love this couple ❤❤❤❤
zuzuaikha #8
Chapter 62: Update please... @[email protected]
hebteuk #9
Chapter 61: hey dongsaeng this upload was good i liked when kangin said that he'll skat to not let teukie sad <3..but hey! that took u so long, so unnie wants 10 uploads at least :D..i really hope that next uploads will be longer nd was nice to c u uploading again :)
hebteuk #10
Chapter 59: so sungmin will tell them?...ok wait for ur new upload...

and Happy Eid My dongsaeng :)))