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what is toppdogg?
toppdogg is a south-korean boygroup by stardom entertainment. they debut showcase is at oct. 22, debut stage is at oct. 23, official debut at oct. 24. 'say it' or 'mallohae' was their debut song. they are label mates of evol. the thirteen members of toppdogg are: jenessi, pgoon, gohn, nakta, seogoong, hojoon, kidoh, sangdo, hansol, bjoo, xero, atom, and yano. their 1st mini album and debut album are dogg's out which is now available for buying.


a note for you and me
hello ! this is the author's note. just revamped now at 13.29.10. i made this story since our lideo's birthday! oct. 18. i will update this more & will have an admin list below soon if someone applies. there will be listed soon our toppdogg knowledge. please read chapter 299 if interested. thank you.
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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 117: Hansol looks really like Suga! Really! He kind of resembles Himchan in a way too.
saranghae1234 #2
Me and leadernim share the same birthdate. He brought me here. I can't keeep calm! Wanna learn more about this rookie group! *-*
Ilovekpopforever #4
Chapter 329: wow he was a what!
nanades #5
Chapter 79: looks like Joon in the second picture :o
Ilovekpopforever #6
Chapter 386: My bias together *fainted*
Chapter 218: HOJOON!! i really like his glasses it really turns me on haha ^^ LOL
Chapter 162: OMG b-joo ! >.<
he is hot when he moves like that.. really? i love him ♥
ToppDoggFan13 #9
Chapter 426: It seems like Hansol's hinting that they're gonna be doing another song when they come back if they're practicing every day right now. ^-^ I really hope that'll be what they're doing cuz I want to see them perform "Play Ground" and/or "Dogg's Out"!
Chapter 424: what does LAMF stand for? or is it a brand name.....
(L)ove (A)ll (M)y (F)riends ? xD