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It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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It was 11 in the morning when Seunghyun woke up. He woke up all his brothers and told them to get ready.

“Can’t we stay?” Seungri pouted.

“No. So hurry up and wash.” Seunghyun didn’t want to burden anyone. He went into the room and shook you gently, “~~~~~~wake up. We gotta go.”

“Already?” You mumbled sleepily.

“Come on. You can sleep on the train.” Seunghyun pulled you up. You washed with your brothers. Seunghyun put your jacket and backpack back on.

Teddy came into the condo and his smile fell, “Leaving already?”

“Yeah,” Seunghyun stood up and took your hand, “We should go find our home.”

“You guys can stay here, if you want.” Teddy offered.

Seungri brightened but Seunghyun shook his head, “No thank you. We need to go.” He bowed, “Thank you for everything.” You sleepily bowed, too.

“No problem. If you must go, you should go.” Teddy lightly patted your head. “Instead, let me give you a ride. Where do you need to go?”

“The train station.” Seunghyun said.

All of you piled into the van. Teddy dropped you off at the train station. “Keep safe. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to come back.” Teddy shook hands with all of you. “Be happy, little girl.” Teddy kissed your cheeks and you turned red.

Taeyang took your hand and all of you bowed. The 6 of you went into the train station and bought tickets back to Seoul.

“Do you have a plan, hyung?” Taeyang asked. “Not yet.” Seunghyun admitted.

Hours later, the train stopped at Seoul. All of you got out and looked around, dumbfounded.

“What now?” Jiyong asked.

“…Let’s visit our old home.” Seunghyun said.

Daesung’s and Seungri’s eyes widened in fear, “Is that safe?”

“We’ll check. Let’s get some of our clothes and belongings.” He said.

So the 6 of you took the bus back to your hometown. Seunghyun made all of you hide behind a wall. “I’ll go check. When I signal, come.” “I’ll go with you, hyung.” Taeyang followed him. They warily checked the apartment building.

Anxiously, you gripped Seungri’s jacket. Taeyang and Seunghyun nodded and made an OK sign. All of you crept out. Like little mice, the 6 of you went up the stairs and went into your old apartment.

You gasped. It was a mess. It looked like a tornado had come and ruined everything.

You saw a picture of your mom on the ground and picked it up. You blew the dust off and tucked the picture safely in your pocket.

“I don’t feel safe about being here.” Daesung anxiously said.

“Get your stuff and we’re out of here.” Seunghyun said.

You went into the room you had shared with Seungri. You packed all your toys into your backpack. Taeyang came in and chuckled, “~~~~~~~~~~, you can’t take all of that.” You pouted, “But they’re mine.”

Taeyang took the toys out all except for one doll. He packed your clothes in there instead.

“Ready?” Seunghyun called.

“Yeah. Come on, ~~~~~~." Taeyang left.

You were about to leave when something crunched underneath your feet. Your mom's ring was amongst the many broken pieces of glass. You picked it up and put that in your pocket also.

“Hurry up!” Jiyong hollered.

“Coming!” You ran out.

All of you were ready to go when someone came through the door.

Seunghyun gasped and stepped back.

“. I knew this was going to happen.” Jiyong growled.

The loan sharks grinned, “Where do you think you’re all going?”

“Not good.” Seungri squeaked.

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InsertWittyUsername #1
Chapter 61: Yay~ This was a great story <3 I rlly luv it
I started and finished this yesterday and I'm going read it again because it's amazing!!!
Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
WynterBelle #4
I'm excited to start reading your fanfic ^_^
Driizz #5
Chapter 61: Awwwwww it was my first kpop fanfics story and it will be my best one . I LOVED IT TOOO MUCH . Whatshouldido?????? Probably gonna dream the same story awwwww....
Lolypop123 44 streak #6
Chapter 61: Heheh love the endingggg♥♥♥♥
Chapter 61: ......Speechless......You are an amazing author!!!!^-^
I still love it! plus still my fav. ZicoxOC fic ever!
aabriannaa #9
Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
BLINKforever #10
I stalk ur stories' list and i see this story. i must admit, you've got me there. you put zico and gd in a same story which make me scream like because my biasses in the same story. congrats for the feature, well i'm going to read this now..