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Weeks passed by. There were so signs of Dragons anywhere, so that was a good sign. You had hoped they would’ve given up. But even if they hadn’t, you felt happy and sturdy with Zico by your side.

Your relationship with him grew stronger day by day. Each and every day you spent with him was a special memory. You got permission from Seunghyun to let him take you home after school. On the weekends, Zico would take you out on cute, fun dates.

Seungri wasn’t alone since he had U-Kwon, Kyung, and B-Bomb.

One Saturday night, you skipped into the home after watching a movie with Zico. Jiyong was coming from the kitchen. “Were you out with him again?”

You warily nodded. You were afraid he would yell at you to stay away.

But surprisingly, Jiyong didn’t yell. He just looked sort of…sad. Jiyong whispered, “Just be careful…I don’t want any of you to get hurt.” He headed upstairs with a heavy back.

*Any of us get hurt…? What does that mean?* You scratched your head and skipped into the kitchen.

“Umma~ OH!” You blinked “Seunghyun oppa! What are you doing?”

He wiped his hands on the towel and raised an eyebrow, “So you really call Taeyang ‘umma’?”

You giggled and wrapped your arms around his waist, “And I call you ‘appa’.”

Seunghyun rolled his eyes with a light smirk.

You pulled away and fixed the pink apron on him, “Looking good, oppa. Very full of swag.” You nodded.

“Get out.” Seunghyun lightly pushed you and you giggled. “Are you making dinner?” You asked. “I’m just grilling the meat.” Seunghyun started to grill the pork and beef.

You sat at the table and watched.

“Where have you been all day?” He asked. “Out.” You vaguely replied.

“With that Zico kid again?” Seunghyun asked. You sheepishly nodded.

“…You two seem close. Are you two dating?” He questioned.

“Mmm yeah…” You admitted.

“You’re all grown up now, huh? I never thought I would see the day that you would get a boyfriend. Huh. I wonder what umma would say.” Seunghyun chuckled.

You softly smiled and rested your chin on your arms. You glanced up at him, “Have you ever been in love, Seunghyun oppa?”

“Me? No. We’ve never stayed in one place for too long for me to get to know a girl enough to love her.” He said.

“So none of the other oppas had girlfriends?” You blinked.

“None except…well, you can’t really call her a girlfriend…” Seunghyun contemplated.

You jolted up, “Her?”

Seunghyun glanced around, “I don’t know if Jiyong wants you to know this. He’s never told anyone and I barely found out…”

“Jiyong oppa had a girl?!” You yelped.

Seunghyun put a finger to his lips. He put the fire on low and sat down to tell you. “Remember 2 years ago when we lived in Daegu for a while?” You nodded.

“Well…when we had to leave do you remember Jiyong crying on the subway?” Seunghyun asked. You nodded again. He gave you a meaningful look.

Your eyes widened, “That was because of the girl? I just thought he was upset we got caught again.”

Seunghyun shook his head, “It was because he had to leave her. I’ve never seen Jiyong love any girl that much except you. None of you noticed because all of you were so young. But I knew the look in my brother’s eyes. Every night, he would look at this ring on his finger and smile. And you know it’s rare that Jiyong smiles.”

You paused then asked, “What’s her name?”

“If I remember correctly, it is Park Minyoung.” He replied.



“Park Minyoung.” You whispered. “What happened?”

“They were on a date one day and the Dragons found them. They knew that Jiyong loved Minyoung. So the next day…they went to her home…” Seunghyun swallowed hard.

“Oh no.” Your face fell. Seunghyun shook his head, “I could only imagine what they did to her that caused Jiyong to leave her forever. He didn’t want her to be caught up in his mess. It was hell for him to leave her behind and never look back.”

You felt so bad. You remembered Jiyong’s cries that night. You wondered why he had been so distressed. Now you knew.

“That’s why Jiyong is worried about your relationship with Zico.” Seunghyun whispered. You looked at him. He softly gazed at you, “It’s hard when you can’t love someone because of the situation you were put in for something you didn’t do. That’s one reason why Jiyong resents our dad so much. I’m sure your story is different since Zico is a guy who can take care of himself. But still…if that day ever comes when you have to leave Zico because he will be hurt…you’ll understand Jiyong. It’s painful for both parties.”

Seunghyun got up and went back to cook.

*No wonder he told me to be careful.* You left the kitchen and went upstairs. You were about to knock on Jiyong’s bedrooms when you heard his soft cries. Panicking, you opened the door.

You stopped when you saw him sitting on the edge of a bed with his head lowered. On his hand, he was dangling a necklace with a ring at the end. His tears hit the floor as he gripped the ring. “Minyoung-ah…”

Your heart broke. You had never seen Jiyoung so vulnerable.

It was scary what love could do to you.

Silently, you stepped back out and shut the door. Your own tears fell down your face. *Poor oppa.*

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