It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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With shaking hands, you pulled off the pink clothes and changed into your own clothes. You grabbed the key and ran to the exit. You glanced about.

Seeing no one suspicious, you crept outside.

You returned the key to the lady and crept outside.

*Come on, Zico. Hurry up.* You anxiously glanced around as you hugged yourself.

Then a huge hand grasped your shoulder, “GOTCHA!”

You whirled around and gasped. *Dragon!* It was frightening seeing them up so close. The man smirked, “Finally after 10 years!” The others ran over. They grabbed your arms and started to drag you away.

“Let go of me!” You screamed and struggled. “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP-“

A fat man cupped a hand over your mouth and hissed, “SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU LITTLE !” He started to pull out a handkerchief with chloroform. You screamed through his mouth and struggled.

Before he could put the handkerchief over your mouth, someone kicked him and he flew into the wall. Zico protectively stood in front of you with a death glare.

Your eyes widened, “Zico…”

“Who is this? I thought she had 5 brothers.” The Dragons muttered.

Without a warning, Zico kicked the one in the middle. The others blinked in shock.

“Go!” Zico grabbed your hand and the two of you ran away.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” The Dragons began to chase after you.

Zico glanced back to see the men almost catching up. *Aish. This can’t do.* He pushed you, “Run first.”

“What?” You stopped, confused. He was running TOWARDS the Dragons.

Your eyes widened in horror, “NO-“

But Zico was already kicking . He flew into the wall and spin-kicked a man in the face. He grabbed one man around the neck with his iron grip and kicked another into the wall. *Whoa…* You stared at him. *He can fight, too?!*

Zico flipped the man onto his neck and looked up at you with a fierce glare, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUST STANDING THERE?! RUN!”

*Oh. Right.* You quit admiring him and started running.

One Dragon fled towards you but Zico grabbed the back of his shirt, “Oh no you won’t.” Zico swung him around and released him. “Oof!” He crashed into the wall with a bleeding nose. Zico saw the men on the ground. They were starting to get up again. He dusted off his hands and ran off.

You stopped and glanced back to see if Zico was coming. He appeared out of nowhere and grabbed your hand. You gasped in surprise. “Did you not hear what I said?! I told you to run!” He rolled his eyes and dragged you away.

“What was that back there?! How come you know how to fight?!” You asked, incredulous.

The two of you arrived at the dead end. Your ears picked up the shuffling of feet not too far behind. Zico put his hands together and waved you over. You put one foot on his hands and pushed yourself off the ground.

Zico flew you over the fence and gave you a look from the other side, “For your information, I know how to do everything.”

You rolled your eyes, “Show-off.”

The men skidded to a stop and pointed, “There they are!”

“Hurry!” You squealed.

Zico grabbed the top of the fence with one hand and easily hopped over. The two of you glanced back then took each other’s hands and ran for your lives.

The Dragons pathetically scrambled over the fence.

“! Don’t they ever quit?!” Zico asked.

“Please. They chased me for 10 years.” You rolled your eyes. He stared at you, “Seriously?” You nodded. *I have to find out why today. But now-* Zico glanced back.

The men were gaining speed.

You abruptly shouted, “LEFT!” You and Zico swiftly turned.

You spotted garbage cans and yanked them down behind you. The cans rolled and crashed into the men. Those that survived slipped over the dirty trash.

“Nice.” Zico grinned impressively. You beamed, pleased. He held out his hand and you slapped him a hi-five.

At the right moment, a bus stopped in front of you. You and Zico quickly hopped on and it drove away.

You glanced back to see the men stomping their feet in disappointment. You kissed your middle finger and waved, “ADIOS, ERS!”

Zico raised an eyebrow in amusement.

You burst into laughter and he started to laugh along. He admiringly smiled at you *I have a feeling life with you won’t be boring at all.*


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InsertWittyUsername #1
Chapter 61: Yay~ This was a great story <3 I rlly luv it
I started and finished this yesterday and I'm going read it again because it's amazing!!!
Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
WynterBelle #4
I'm excited to start reading your fanfic ^_^
Driizz #5
Chapter 61: Awwwwww it was my first kpop fanfics story and it will be my best one . I LOVED IT TOOO MUCH . Whatshouldido?????? Probably gonna dream the same story awwwww....
Lolypop123 44 streak #6
Chapter 61: Heheh love the endingggg♥♥♥♥
Chapter 61: ......Speechless......You are an amazing author!!!!^-^
I still love it! plus still my fav. ZicoxOC fic ever!
aabriannaa #9
Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
BLINKforever #10
I stalk ur stories' list and i see this story. i must admit, you've got me there. you put zico and gd in a same story which make me scream like because my biasses in the same story. congrats for the feature, well i'm going to read this now..