Bath House

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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The next day, you were out shopping with your family. It was a fun time and you were especially happy. The 6 of you hadn’t relaxed like that in a while.

Still, Seunghyun was always paranoid. He didn’t feel comfortable in large groups in broad daylight.

Jiyong took you to the new shop where he had been promoted to a manager. “Hello, manager-nim.” The female workers bowed. Jiyong nodded. They all giggled and watched him with interest.

*Wow. I never knew oppa was popular with the girls.* You thought.

“Hey, come here.” Jiyong wiggled his finger.

You snapped out of your thoughts and came over.

He held a pink hoodie with a skull out, “Try this.” Jiyong gave you a few more sweaters and skirts. “Wear those and come out. The fitting room is there.” He nodded.

As you changed, you heard the girls ask, “Manager oppa, is that your girlfriend?”

“No, my sister.”

“Oh! She’s so pretty!” They giggled.

You rolled your eyes. *You’re only saying that because you found out I’m his sister.* You came out in the pink hoodie and a frilly denim mini skirt.

Jiyong straightened up and looked you up and down. Taeyang and Daesung came in. Daesung gasped and a gleeful smile lit up his face, “Omo! You look so cute!”

“Skirt is too short.” Taeyang argued.

“Girls these days wear that all the time.” Jiyong waved it away, “Try on the next one.”

You felt like a Barbie as your brothers oohed and ahhed over the outfits. They put their thumbs up for good and thumbs down for bad. Jiyong paid with the clothes with his manager specialty. He gave you the bag and told the workers to do a good job and to close at 10. They nodded, “Neh~ Bye!”

You perkily skipped out of the store.

“Whoa. What did Jiyong hyung buy for you?” Seungri asked.

You excitedly showed him. He pouted, “No fair, hyung. How come you didn’t get me anything?”

Jiyong rolled his eyes, “The shop only sells girl outfits, moron.”

Taeyang laughed, “Don’t worry, Seungri. I’ll buy you something later.” He grinned.

You showed the clothes to Seunghyun, “Aren’t they pretty?!” He gave you a feeble smile but his eyes were alert.

Something was wrong. It felt like someone was watching them.

That’s when Seunghyun noticed the man in the far distance behind a wall wearing sunglasses. He was looking your way and talking on his phone.

*Not good.* Seunghyun casually gathered you guys. “We gotta go. They’re watching.”

“Who?” Seungri asked ignorantly.

“The Dragons.” Seunghyun hissed.

At their name, your heart dropped. You gulped. *I saw them yesterday too…did they follow me?*

Jiyong narrowed his eyes and surreptitiously glanced back. “I see two more.”

“What do we do?!” Seungri panicked.

“Listen and quit shaking.” Seunghyun snapped as he gripped onto the back of Seungri’s neck. “We all separate-“

“No! I wanna go with ~~~~~~~~~!” Seungri grabbed your hand.

Jiyong yanked the two of you away, “Man up, Seungri, goddamit! She’s your little sister! She’s supposed to follow you!”

“Hyung.” Seungri whimpered.

“Scatter and go to different places. DO NOT GO HOME or they will find out. At 10 p.m. we meet under the Gangnam Bridge where we stayed before. You remember, right?” Seunghyun asked. Everyone nodded.

“Good.” Seunghyun nodded.

“I’ll take this for you.” Jiyong took your bag.

Seunghyun carefully glanced to the side, “At 3 then. 1.”

Muscles tensed.


Legs became ready to run.

“3!” He yelled.

The 6 of you shot off like bullets. Heart racing, you ran down the wide street. You glanced back. 2 Dragons were following you. Squealing, you quickened your pace. *Otoke?! Mom help me!* You purposely twisted down confusing alleys.

For the moment, the Dragons became confused. They stopped and scratched their heads.

You didn’t slow down and kept running. You had to be FAR, FAR away from then. You had just turned the corner when you bumped into someone.

“AHHH!” You screamed.

“HOLY !” A voice hissed defensively.

*That voice.* You looked up and your eyes widened, “Zico?!”

“~~~~~~~?” He blinked. “W-what are you doing here?” You asked.

“I live in this neighborhood.” Zico raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”

You glanced around like a panicky hen. You saw a flash of black

. Without thinking, you pushed Zico into a shop.

“What are we doing inside the sauna?!” He snapped.

*Huh? Sauna?* You looked up.

‘WELCOME TO PARAN BATH HOUSE!’ It clicked in your mind and you almost became giddy. *That’s it! They’ll never suspect I’m in here!*

“One set please!” You paid the woman. She handed you towels and sauna clothes with a pair of keys. “Thank you!” You turned to go but Zico grabbed your wrist, “Are you seriously going in there?!”

“Watch me.” With a swift turn, you went into the woman section.

Zico shook his head. *This girl is unpredictable.*



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Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
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