The Search

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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That night, you were lying in your bed, numb and sad. You could hear the rain drizzling on your window.

There was a knock on the door. You didn’t even reply but it opened anyways.

Seungri came in wearing an apron and holding a tray. “~~~~~~~, eat dinner.”

You shook your head.

“Come on. You have to eat a little bit. I’ll feed you. Say ah~” He held the food to your lips. You your other side and pulled the blanket over your head.

Seungri sighed and left with the food.

Your older brothers came home after hearing the news from Seungri. They shook the rain off their jackets.

“Where is she?” Daesung asked as he folded the umbrella.

“Is she in her room?” Taeyang asked.

Seungri glumly nodded, “She won’t even eat.”

Seunghyun stared at the tray. “What exactly happened?” Jiyong asked.

“I’m going to go see her.” Taeyang headed upstairs while Seungri began to tell the details. Taeyang knocked on your door. Hearing nothing, he went inside. He sat on the edge of your bed and gently placed a hand over the blanket, “~~~~~, Taeyang oppa is home. Won’t you look at me?”

You didn’t move.

“Come on. Show me your face.” Taeyang soothingly mumbled as he gently pried the blanket off of you. His face fell when he saw tears on your face. “I heard what happened.” His gaze shifted to your hand and he gently grasped it. Your finger was bare and empty.

Your bottom lip trembled, “I lost it.” “It’s not your fault.” Taeyang said.

“Umma will hate me.” You croaked. “Don’t say that.” He lightly scolded.

You put an arm over your face and started to sob, “I hate them. They took my ring and threw it out the window. But it’s my fault, too. Why did I take it off in the first place? Now I lost mom’s ring. I don’t have anything of hers except the picture. Why would they do something hurtful like that? I meant it when I said give it back. That was my most prized treasure and not it’s gone. I hate myself.”

Taeyang hated to see you cry. He felt so bad to see you helpless and miserable like this. Taeyang pulled your arm away and bent down. He rested his forehead on yours and sighed. “Mianhae.”

You kept crying with an aching heart.

Outside, Seunghyun and Jiyong had been listening. Their hearts wrenched at your cries.

“.” Jiyong muttered under his breath and spun around.

Seunghyun caught his arm as he passed by. “I know what you’re going to do.” He lowly murmured. “Don’t do it.”

“They hurt her.” Jiyong whispered.

“I know but violence isn’t the answer.” Seunghyun said.


Seunghyun slightly flinched when he heard your sob.

“You expect me, her older brother, to just stand by and watch. I- I can’t.” Jiyong blocked his hears, “Her cries are driving me insane.” He took a step and Seunghyun loudly growled, “You take another step to the front door and you can forget about ever stepping foot into this house, Kim Jiyong.”

Jiyong glared scathingly at him.

Seunghyun glared right back, “I mean it. I’m not going to watch any of my siblings go to prison.”

Jiyong curled his hand into a fist. “GAH!” He punched the wall, leaving a hole.

Daesung had just come up and he froze in shock. Jiyong went into his room and slammed the door shut.

Seunghyun sighed. Daesung came over worriedly, “Hyung, is everything okay?” “I hope it will be.” He left. Daesung went into your room to comfort you.


Mud was everywhere.

On the grass, on his pants, on his jacket, on his face, on his fingers.

*.* Zico wiped the water off his face with the clean part of his jacket. He fixed the hood over his head and glanced around.

For the past 5 hours, he had been searching for your mom’s ring. *Why did it have to ing rain today?*

“What the hell am I doing out here?” Zico asked himself out loud. But no one heard him. He was alone in the dark, dreary school.

*She hates me so what’s the point of getting the ring back for her?* Zico sighed. Still, he wanted to try. He felt like he owed it to you.

*ing Jaehyo. It’s all your ing fault. Damn you and your bad aim.*

Zico started to look for your ring again. He slipped on the mud and landed hard on his . “, MAN!” Zico grumbled, annoyed. He was about to get up when he felt something hard by his finger. *What-* Zico turned his head.

A tiny, silver object speckled with mud was lying in the dirt.

His eyes rounded. *No way. It can’t be.* Zico snatched it up. He held it up and pulled out his cell phone to get some light. His face brightened *IT’S THE RING! I ACTUALLY FOUND IT!*

“YES! WAHOO!” Zico jumped up and down in joy. Grinning, he tucked the ring safely into the pocket of his jeans. *Now all I have to do is give the ring back to her and ask her for her forgiveness. Hopefully, she’ll reconsider being my friend.*

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I started and finished this yesterday and I'm going read it again because it's amazing!!!
Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
WynterBelle #4
I'm excited to start reading your fanfic ^_^
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Chapter 61: Heheh love the endingggg♥♥♥♥
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I still love it! plus still my fav. ZicoxOC fic ever!
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Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
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I stalk ur stories' list and i see this story. i must admit, you've got me there. you put zico and gd in a same story which make me scream like because my biasses in the same story. congrats for the feature, well i'm going to read this now..