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Luckily, you and your brothers didn’t have to switch schools and Seunghyun didn’t have to quit his job at the local market. The 6 of you had found a temporary apartment to stay at.

The bell rang at Anyang Middle School. You and Seungri came out in the front and waited for Daesung. After meeting up with him, the two of you had to go meet up Jiyong and Taeyang at Anyang High School right next door.

You looked around and your eyes brightened. *Jiyong oppa!*

Of course, being the rebel he was, his shirt wasn’t tucked in properly and his tie was loose. His pants were baggy and hair was styled into an attractive disarray.

You were about to call his name but stopped as he approached a black car. *Who is that? Does oppa know them.* You tilted your head in wonder.

Jiyong tipped his head and chewed his gum. The window opened and an arm stretched out. You gasped when you saw the dragon tattoo.

“No…” You whispered.

“What?” Seungri asked.

You shook him with trembling hands, “Oppa, look! That’s Jiyong oppa!”

Seungri looked up and his eyes widened. “Why is he with the loan sharks?!” You asked. He didn’t know either.

The door opened and Jiyong went in. Eyes wide, you started chasing the car but it was too fast.

Taeyang and Daesung came out now. “What’s going on?”

“It’s Jiyong oppa!” You panicked. “What?” They asked, confused.

You started telling them everything you saw. Their eyes rounded in shock.

“We have to tell Seunghyun oppa! Hurry!” You pulled on their arms.

The 4 of you hurried to the market where he was working. Seunghyun smiled when he saw all of you, “Now you come? But where’s Jiyong?”

“Hyung, he’s in trouble.” Taeyang said seriously.

The smile fell off his face, “What did he do this time?”


“I’m home.” Jiyong entered the apartment. He stopped when he saw all of you sitting on the floor with serious expressions. “What’s going on?” Jiyong asked, confused.

“Where have you been?” Seunghyun whispered.

“Out with my friends.” Jiyong smoothly lied.

Seunghyun glared at him, “Lie! TELL ME WHERE THE HELL YOU'VE BEEN RIGHT NOW!”

“What’s wrong with you?” Jiyong sneered.

Seunghyun stood up and shoved his chest, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

You scrambled up and pushed him back, “Oppa, please…”

“I don’t understand why you’re pms-ing all of a sudden!” Jiyong snapped.

“Who told you to join hands with the Dragons, huh?!” Seunghyun snapped.

Jiyong’s expression fell but he quickly went into defense, “I’m not holding hands with them-“

“Then why the are you hanging out with them, huh?! Are you a gang now huh?! Why are you hanging out with them?!” Seunghyun kept pushing off.

“AISH! ENOUGH!” Jiyong shoved him away.

“Oppa!” You said, upset.

“Hey, calm down.” Taeyang intervened.

Jiyong pushed him away, too. He resentfully glared at Seunghyun, “I’m doing what you’re not doing.”

“What did you say?” Seunghyun snarled.

“Instead of running away like cowards all the time, I’m trying to pay back the damn loan sharks so that they’ll leave us the hell alone.” Jiyong growled.

“BY BECOMING ONE OF THEM?!” Seunghyun yelled so fiercely that it hurt your ears.

Seungri uneasily glanced between his fighting brothers. Daesung whimpered. He hated fights.

“IF I CAN FREE US FROM DEBT, THEN YES!” Jiyong shot back.

Seunghyun grabbed his collar.

“Oppa, no!” You tried to pry them loose. He glared at Jiyong, “I didn’t quit school and work my off for you to become a gang member.”

“You didn’t quit school and work your off to get rid of our debt either.” Jiyong snarled.

“Oppa, please stop!” You begged with tear-filled eyes.

Seunghyun glowered at him, “Do you think mom will be proud of you in heaven?”

Jiyong was speechless at that.

Seunghyun continued to send him into a guilt-trip, “Will mom be happy seeing her son work for a bunch of life-ruining bastards? Do you honestly want to become one of them? Did you forget what they had wanted from us? They were going to sell our sister for goddsake!”

Jiyong’s eyes darted your ways for a second. You gulped.

“Don’t do it, Jiyong. I’m warning you. Don’t choose the wrong path in life.” Seunghyun pleadingly growled.

Jiyong looked away in contemplation. Then he pushed Seunghyun away and locked himself in the room.

Seunghyun was about to go after him but you squeezed his waist. “Oppa, please don't.” You begged as tears fell down your face. You hated it when your brothers fought.

Seunghyun resignedly sighed *Did I do such a bad job of taking care of our family, mom? I thought I did pretty well but seeing Jiyong do this makes me think twice. What gave him the idea that he needed to join a gang for our family to survive?*

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I started and finished this yesterday and I'm going read it again because it's amazing!!!
Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
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