It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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It was a rainy, gray day.

Six siblings were hiding behind the wall of their grungy apartment.

The eldest, a 13-year-old boy with dark, wary eyes, peered over carefully so that he wouldn’t get caught.

The men with multiple tattoos wearing silver-chained necklaces and greasy black suits were still there. On each of their wrists was a bright colored tattoo of a dragon, representing their clan of merciless gangs and loan sharks.

One man spat on the black asphalt. His saliva mixed with the rain and went down the drain.

The sound of shattering glass made the youngest, a 7-year-old girl in braids and overalls, drop the lollipop that her 4tholdest brother had given to comfort her.

“What’s that, oppa?” She fretfully looked up.

“Shh.” The 2ndoldest pulled her close and patted her head.

“Hyung, let me go kick their asses. I can do it.” The hot-tempered 3rdoldest snapped.

The oldest glared at him, “Do you want to get killed. Shut up and stay put."

The hot-tempered one crossed his arms and glowered. He could tackle all of those men down, or so he thought. He momentarily forgot about the knives and guns these men had.

One man came out.

Seunghyun waved his siblings to sit back against the wall.

Seungri was shaking so badly. He was on the verge of peeing in his pants.

“,” The man cursed. “I can’t find anyone. The house is empty. The whole family disappeared. . And I thought we would at least get some money back by selling that little girl.”

Jiyong snarled under his breath. Seunghyun put a finger to his lips.

“What do we do now?” The men asked.

“We’ll keep searching for them. They can’t run forever.” The head dog spat on the ground and left. His men followed him.

The siblings heard the sound of car doors closing and the engines starting.

“Now.” Seunghyun whispered. “Go! Go! Go!” He hurriedly waved his siblings on. “Jiyong, carry ~~~~~~~.” Seunghyun said.

“Where are we going, oppas?” You asked.

“Leaving this forever.” Jiyong snapped as he whisked you up in his arms. For an 11-year-old, he had a foul mouth.

You looked back at your apartment and reached out. *Our home…*

The sound of sneakers slapping in puddles and the ragged breaths of your brothers was all that you could hear.

The 6 of you arrived at the train station.

No trains were moving at this hour but at least you had shelter for the moment.

The 6 of you huddled together by the inner walls where no one could ever see any of you.

Seungri miserably shivered. Daesung pulled his jacket off and gave it to him.

You tugged on Seunghyun’s jacket, “Oppa, what are we doing here? Where’s daddy?”

“We have no ‘daddy’.” Jiyong spat.

*No daddy? What’s going on?* You were so confused. “So we’re really orphans now?” Your bottom lip trembled as tears threatened to spill out.

Seunghyun took his jacket off and put it over you. He pushed your head onto his shoulder, “Sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.”

“I miss mommy.” You started to cry.

The boys dismally lowered their heads. They missed their mother, too.

Seunghyun wiped your tears away, “Sleep.”

Your eyelids grew heavy and they started to close. The last thing you remember was Jiyong putting his jacket over you.

*What lies ahead of us now?* You drowsily wondered.

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