Lost in Translation




I wasn’t extraordinary, I wasn’t magnificent with all these nooks and crannies in my soul just waiting to be discovered and explored. I didn’t have a long list of deep meaningful words trailing along behind me like a shadow. I wasn’t dull but I wasn’t colorful either, I was but a mere sketch of something unoriginal and meaningless. Only to have a lone empty sentence as a description.


I wasn’t like her.


She was everything I wasn’t, she was everything I opted to be. She was someone that I wanted to keep forever but something that just couldn’t be contained.


She was beautiful.


Taeyeon taught me how to live. My time staying abroad in Tokyo for an exchange program I was forced into, I didn’t know how I would fit in. I didn’t think I would and I was right. I didn’t fit in but then neither did Taeyeon, she lived by her own set of rules and danced to her own beat.


She was extraordinary, she was magnificent.


She was everything I wasn’t.


Loving Taeyeon was like dancing on thin ice. It rendered me cautious. I didn’t know when the solid ground beneath me would just collapse and I would just—fall.






"Sometimes, I doubt if I can really love anybody.”



“I doubt if I can really love anybody also.” 


Lost in Translation



"If there is one thing in the universe that’s odd and forever a mystery it’s the meeting of two people. When one person comes to meet another and has this almost chemical reaction. They could both come from different sides of the world, they could come from completely different backgrounds but when they meet it was like they were always meant too." 



A/N: What's up locksmiths, back with a rather more 'light' hearted story. Lost in Translation is all in Tiffany's Point of view. Maybe you'll see Taeyeon's side a bit but its going to be all through Miyoung's eyes. I like hasty love stories *__*



- JustLetHerGo


Lost in Translation soundtrack: 

Track 1: Rachael Yamagata - You wont let me

Track 2: 5cm per second ost - The feeling that doesn't reach 

Track 3: 5cm per second ost - Kiss 

Track 4: 5cm per second ost - Cherry Blossom Extract



Taeyeon's theme: 

Yiruma - Passing by


Tiffany's theme: 

Ryichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence




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Hey guys its been a while but look out for the new update

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taeyeongg309 #1
Chapter 8: I just have found this story on 2017:(( so late but better late than never. When i reached this chapters i just hv known that the story is abandoned? Even though its already 2017,i hope you still on to continue this pleaseeee???? You made a good one heree, i gtg to read another from yours surely
Thunderette #2
Chapter 8: Yo when the next one? I am so into this, I need the next chapter or I am going to die
nov_sone97 #3
Chapter 1: It's like "the roommate" movie?
yulsharangee #4
Chapter 8: Is this the end author-nim?
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 8: I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT YOU HAD DROPPED THIS FIC! lol anyway I'll be waiting for more ~~
gainer #6
Chapter 8: Omg i got so happy when I noticed you updated this story omg. Im in love with your writing. Please don't abandon this fic
kakuzu #7
Chapter 8: Wow, this story is great. And yes, your words are magnificent.
whatever232 #8
Chapter 8: I really like how you write, thanks for updating, I got so happy when I noticed you updated, I thought you dropped your fics. I hope you will also update Nodus Tollens haha.

So Taeyeon is falling for Tiffany but she doesnt want to fully accept it. I wish she didnt think she is bad for Tiffany. Im sure there'll be drama involving that

Also, Im surprised I remember most of the story, but I think I need to re-read it again.
applered #9
Chapter 8: Pls updateeeeeeee .. This is took good to stopp