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"Miss.. are you sure there's not a pink one?" I asked as I was looking at the engagements rings

"I'll go and take a look. Please just a moment" She bowed

I nodded

"Kamsa Hamneeda"

I was standing in the jewelry store, looking at the engagement rings. I can't believe there's only 4 months left til' the actual graduation, which means, I would finally get the chance to propose to Selina

I just chuckled out of happiness as I started to think about it

I looked at the clock to see that it was close to 3 pm. I was suppose to meet her at the fountain in 20 minutes

"You're very lucky Sir. There's one left. And it's the same size as you asked for as well" The assistant asked

I smiled widely

"I TAKE IT!!" I cheered

The girl chuckled and nodded

"Getting engaged huh?" She asked

I blushed and nodded in embarrassment

"I'm sure she'll be thrilled. It's a very beautiful ring. You have very good taste"

I paid for the ring and put it inside my jacket and the assistant gave me the credicard back

"HAve a nice day Sir"

"Nae~~ You too! Ko muhp ssumneeda!" I bowed and went out

As soon as I got out of the shop I took the ring out and looked at it again

I sighed dreamingly

"To live happily ever after.. right?" I mumbled to myself

I closed the small box and put it inside and went downstairs to meet her at the fountain




I was inside the mall already, but I stopped by the coffee shop to buy a latte.
Yunho are always late no matter how many times he says that he will be in time so .. I guess I'll just get myself a latte and then go to the fountain.

As I was drinking it carefully I passed several shops and soon my eyes landed on the Wedding Store

In the window, there was two mannequins, a groom and a bride.

I looked at it, imagining myself in that dress as Yunho were standing beside me

"Someday you'll be wearing that" a voice said behind me

I spun around to see Yunho smiling at me

"Oppa!" I squealed

He smiled happily as he pulled me into a hug and kissed me on my forehead

"The dress is beautiful though"

"You think?" I asked

He nodded

"You want to try one?"

I gasped

"Try one? We're not getting married" I laughed

He chuckled

"Just for fun.. I mean.. you will do it someday.. and well.. I want to be the first one to see you in one"

"But you know it means bad luck if you see the bride" I smirked

He rolled his eyes

"We're not getting married. And besides that rule exists ONLY when the actual wedding is taking place" He stuck out his tongue

I smiled happily

"Kah Ja!" He said and pulled me into the store

I drank the last of my latte and threw it away and hurried inside

Inside the store, it was so bright and dazzling and I couldn't take my eyes off it

"Whoooa. YEPPO-NA!!" I sighed

He laughed

"Annyeong haseo! Can I help you?" A girl asked


"Oh.. Annyeong haseo! Yes.. My.. fiancée here.. would like to try on some dresses" Yunho said

I gasped and stared at him

He just squeezed my hand

He then winked at me as in saying Just-play-along

"Oh.. A tuxedo for you too Sir?" The girl asked

"Yes!" I said happily

Yunho laughed and nodded

"THis way please"

We were shown into another room where there were two different sides, One for the bride and one for the groom. In the middle you could sit and wait

"So the bride may enter this way and the groom this one" The girl said

I looked at yunho

"I'll see you in a bit.." Yunho smiled and planted a kiss on my lips

I blushed as he walked behind the drapers and I walked behind the bride's as well




I was staring at myself in the mirror as I was wearing the Tuxedo. The girl told me that it was an limited edition from the brand Dior

It looked nice actually

"YAH!! JAGIYA~~!! YOU'RE DONE YET?!" I shouted

I stepped out and into the small pavement that was sort of cutting of the big room into two parts

"Almost!!" She shouted back

"BALI!!" I whined

I couldn't wait until I could get to see her wearing the dress


The drapers opened and I looked up to see the Selina in a white, strapless, long dress.

It was decorated with glitter and pearls and on the right side right down the waist there was a white rose, making the dress, more detailed and more beautiful

I gasped and kept staring

".. You.. like it?" She stammered nervously

I looked up at her and took a step forward

I covered my mouth and then looked at her again

"What did you.. do to .. my Selina?" I stuttered

Selina started to laugh as I heard the staff saying aww

"You're so beautiful.."

She chuckled and walked down to me as she started to fix my tuxedo

"You look handsome my prince" Selina smiled

I grabbed her hands and leaned forward and kissed her carefully

"Can we take a picture?" I asked

The staff nodded

The handed Selina a bouquet and put a veil over her

I gave them my cellphone and Selina's phone and the staff took a picture of us

"You look so good together!" The girl said

"Kamsa Hamneeda" I blushed

Selina smiled

"Can you take another picture?" Selina asked

"Certainly" The girl said

She then faced me and put the veil behind and was grabbing my hands


The picture was taken and we went down from the platform to look at it

"You look really good together.. I hope you will live a long and happy life together" The girl said

"Kamsa Hamneeda" Selina and I bowed

When we had finished our little, fashionshow we went outside and Selina started to play with her phone immediately

"What are you doing?" I asked as I were holding her hand

"I put the fake wedding picture as a background on my cellphone" She smiled

I chuckled

I took out mine as well and put it as a background

"So.. where do you want to go now?" I asked her

She shrugged

"Mol la yo. You decide"

I leaned forward to kiss her cheek as she leaned onto my shoulder

"Let's go and eat"

We decided to go downtown to have dinner and we got into the car as I started to drive

"How's the studying going? You're graduating soon" Selina asked as she was holding my hand while I was driving

I smiled widely as I thought about it. The sooner the graduation were, the better. ..

"I'm working my off" I smiled

She chuckled

"When I.. think about it.. I will feel.. lonely.. in college.. since you're not there anymore.." She said sadly

I stopped at the red light and looked at her

"I'll be with you. I won't leave you.. I've already said that.. right?" I smiled

She nodded

"But still..."

I chuckled

"I love you Selina, I won't leave you .. Not even God can separate us" I said

She looked at me and then leaned forward and kissed me

I saw the light hit green. I started to drive and Selina were holding my hand

"I love you Selina.. I love you.. I love you~~" I kept humming as I heard Selina chuckle

Suddenly we heard some weird sounds on the right side of the car and both Selina and I looked to the right and I saw a gray Van sliding towards us

"YUNHO LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It felt like someone had thrown a big rock at us, since the sound of the smash was louder than anything, and the tires were screaming

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Selina screamed

Both of us flew to the left since the car got hit and suddenly it started to roll around


The voices that I was hearing was somewhere around me and I opened my eyes slightly to see that the whole car were lying on the side

I started to cough and looked around

I looked to the right to see Selina bleeding from her head, and her legs were bleeding aswell

"SELINA!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted

I ed the belt and flew right next to her


She didn't move

I saw that my car had a big dent on Selina's side, since the car had hit us so hard

"Selina.. WAKE Up!!" I started to panic

The tears wasn't faraway now

"SELINA wAKE UP!!" I said

I ed the seat belt and with all my strength, I lifted her up carefully

"HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted

Suddenly the doors flew up and 2 guys helped me

"HYUNG!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?" Junsu gasped

"JUST HELP ME!!" I cried in panic

Junsu and JaeJoong helped me to take out Selina and as JaeJoong took her to a safe place, Changmin and Yoochun helped me out

As soon as I got out Changmin stared at me


I didn't care. I ran towards Selina, where JaeJoong had taken her and I flew down at her side

"SElina.. SELINA! SELINA WAKE UP!!" I shouted frustrated as I was crying

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" Yoochun shouted

"I DON'T KNOW MAN! THAT GUY JUST HIT US!!!" I cried in panic

"SELINA SELINA!!! COME ON SELINA!!" I shouted and looked at her


The whisper was barely heard but I stared at her as she opened her eyes slightly

"Selina!! Selina! Hang in there.. Ok?" I cried devastated

"I.. can'tt .. m move" She stammered

I could hear the ambulance sirens not faraway from here

As I held her close to me

"Hang in there.. Ok.. Don't leave me ok? You're gonna be fine!" I cried

"It tt 's so.. cc cold" She stuttered

"GUYS GIVE ME YOUR JACKETS!!!!" I shouted at the members

They instantly took off their jackets and put it over Selina carefully

"Selina.. Please.." I cried in frustration

"I l . .l love.. y you"

Suddenly her strength that she was trying to holding herself up, disappeared and I felt her whole upper body's weight on my arms

I stared at Selina as her eyes were closed

"Selina?" I whispered

Suddenly 4 pair of strong arms grabbed me from behind as I saw an ambulance staff taking her away from me

"NOOO! LET ME GO!!" I shouted in anger while crying

"HYUNG CALM DOWN!!" Junsu shouted

"BACK OFF!!!" The ambulance staff shouted


"NOOOO!!!" Get away from me!! SHE NEEDS ME!!" I shouted

But since the members were holding back, my strength soon disappeared and I watched as the staff were trying to help Selina

I relaxed and I felt the members staring at Selina as well and their grip loosened up

It felt like everything was in slowmotion. I saw them trying to revive her, her chest flew up and then she fell down...

The thing that I was fearing the most was the reactions and the facial expressions in the ambulance staff's faces

The woman shook her head as the guy looked at the clock

My eyes went wide as I stared at them


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Loved this story when I first read it 8 years ago on Winglin and I'm glad you kept it on here for more people ❤️?
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Chapter 68: OMG this story is so amazing!!! I keep crying while reading this story!! This seriously need to be feature!!!
HyunJane #3
Chapter 68: it's really good~ i just hope this story will be featured! can you give me soft copies? i really like it! it made me cry , laugh etc.... it's not just fanfiction~ it can give you the TRUE meaning of life~ even some parts are fiction~ but it's still good~ i'm really crying promise! i'm not lying~
This story is really amazing. I read it one day straight. The tree covered in dew was on replay while I was reading the last part and it made me teary eyed on their final moment on the bridge to Jaejoong dying.. a really really good story, thank you very much!!!
yunjae78 #5
Chapter 68: PERFECT! I LOVE THIS STORY!! ♥♥♥
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always here!! next to you
[deactivated] #7's... OMG it's too perfect for words :') Well done!
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In AWE!!!
Breathtaking! Beautiful!!!
Amazing story <3
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