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KyuRi, HaeSica, TaeTeuk, SiFany, HyoHyuk, DongRi (Shindong-Nari), YoonChul etc…

This story is full of twists… Depends on what ideas I think of, or maybe I’ll ask my readers for suggestions after few chapters… That’s all hehe!

Main Characters:


The “Nerds”:

Best friends since they were young, they all grew up together in the same neighborhood; called “nerds” because of their extreme smartness.


Cho Kyuhyun (Marcus Cho):

  • Rich, no one knows except for his best friends; doesn’t want his friends to talk about his richness, the fact that he’ll be a Kingka if anyone knew that he’s Marcus Cho. Which he doesn’t like.
  • Wants to live as a normal teenager
  • His family owns the biggest companies in and out of Korea. Few of the most well-known is “The 3 CHOs”: The CHO Hospital, The CHO Building and the CHO Hotel, all in Seoul
  • Sister of Cho Ara, a famous model
  • Smart, especially in math… Math and video game geek: StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Special Force, Ran, Sudden Attack, Ragnarok etc (his most favorite is StarCraft)
  • Likes Yuri, a queenka


Kim Taeyeon:

  • Came from a middle-class family
  • Her family owns an optical shop in Seoul
  • Has an older brother named Kim Ji-woong
  • Smart at anything! Except for math, Kyuhyun always helps her
  • Loves Kyuhyun since they were young up until now but no one knows except for her female best friends


Lee Donghae (Aiden Lee):

  • Pretty much like Kyuhyun, rich but no one knows except for his best friends; no one knows that he’s Aiden Lee as well
  • His family owns a huge, well-known car company in Korea and other companies
  • Brother of the twins, Vincent Lee (Lee Sungmin) and Sunny Lee (Lee Soon-kyu)
  • Secretly likes Jessica, a queenka, but always in denial.


Kim Hyoyeon:


  • Came from a middle-class family as well
  • Her family owns a small restaurant near their school, where she and her best friends eat
  • Has a younger brother named Kim Min-goo
  • Short-tempered, especially when it comes to Kingkas and Queenkas.
  • Secretly likes Eunhyuk, her female best friends knows as well


Choi Siwon (Andrew Choi):

  • Like Kyu and Hae, rich but doesn’t want anyone to know
  • His family owns a well-known supermarket in Seoul
  • Has a younger sister in the states named Choi Jiwon
  • Likes… no… LOVES Tiffany, another queenka.


Seo Joohyun:

  • called as Seohyun
  • youngest among them
  • Middle-class family
  • Her mother is a piano teacher and her father is a Professor, that’s why she’s so smart
  • Smartest among all of them but can’t beat Kyuhyun in math
  • always shy around other people
  • Only child
  •  Doesn’t like boys and doesn’t want to get married (will her perspective change? I da naaa!! Subscribe to know. haha XD)


Shin Donghee:

  • called as Shindong
  • Middle-class
  • Only child
  • His family owns a computer shop near their school named after him, since he was an only child “Shindong’s DraQra PC Castle”
  • Dumbest among all of them though he is still smarter than anybody from school; funniest among them as well
  • Has a girlfriend named Nari, they’ve been dating for 3 years


Im Yoona:

  • Middle-class
  • Her family owns a flower shop
  • Has an older sister
  • Her mother left them when she was young. :(
  • 2nd youngest among them
  • Likes their other best friend named Kim Heechul, who moved to the states years ago to study there.


Lee Hyukjae (Spencer Lee):

  • called as Eunhyuk
  • Like Kyu, Hae and Siwon… you get the point
  • His family owns a very famous resort in Jeju
  • Has an older sister
  • One of the funniest among them… always dorking out with Shindong.
  • Likes Hyoyeon, his best friends know but Hyo doesn’t


hey guys! my very first fanfic!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! sorry for those SunSun shippers!! though U'm a shipper as well, I made them twins 'cuz they're like one... aegyo king and queen haha! btw, THIS IS NOT A KYUHYUN-TAEYEON FIC, OKAY? 


still working on with the main pic.... :D

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Tiffany said "The clinic is already closed. Let's just bring you to a hospital. The Cho Hospital is the nearest hospital here. Let's take you there." Yuri suggested. "W-What?!" Kyu's eyes widen.<br />
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