Love Letter

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You think Luhan would like Yoona--nope. He can’t stand her. For some reason, even looking at Yoona makes him sick. And nothing she does seems to make him like her. Since the first day they met,  Luhan and Yoona’s life became complicated.


Yoona’s best friend passes away, but she tries to be strong and continues chasing her dreams.
At this time, Luhan gets contacts from labels and is starting to become famous.
But, they are booked at the same concert and forced to preform together.
After that live, Luhan wants nothing to do with Yoona, but they both catch the medias eye. Thus, Luyoon was born. Their relationship isn’t how all the fans think it is though; Luhan and Yoona can’t seem to get along together.






Name: Xi Luhan.

He is the “new upcoming idol” but he still has a long way to go. While cute, he is the leader of the group "The Scene." He is nice to his fans and is always around woman. But he really dislikes Yoona. Just looking at her makes him sick. Things come to him easy because he is a good dancer, singing, a easy-going personality and a cute baby-face.






Name: Im Yoona

She is a small town girl with big dreams. Just starting her musical life but very few people know her. She is a kind free-thinker, but dislikes being called something is isn't. She can’t understand why Luhan seems to dislike her so much. She is very pretty, but dresses plain and doesn't seem to get much attention.








Name: Jongin or Kai.

No one knows much about him besides his fame in the group K-Wolf. He is bossy but warm-hearted, cocky yet friendly. Secertly, however, he is easily controled by Boa because he is a bit Naive. 





Name: Kris (Or Yifan)

He is Luhans childhood friend and band mate. But he and Luhan argue all the time.




Name: Taeyeon

She is Yoona best friend and bossy boss all in one. She seems rude but cares about Yoona like no other.




Name: Yunho.

He is Luhan's manager, but is kind of blunt. Luhan doesn't listen to him and gets him angry. Often.




                            Name: Jiyong

He is famous but madly in love with Yoona. He is abrasive and cocky but around her, he is shy. He dislikes Luhan because the two fought in the pass.




Name: Boa Kwon

Was a very famous artist. Now, shes a wash-up, but can't except it. She has grow cold and mean, but hates Yoona because of her lack of popluarity. Truth is though, Boa in insecure and jealous of her star potential.


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A door busted wide open and lights of all colors escaped to the other side. At this time, a group of people quickly shuffled out the door in the same direction.Xi Luhan is here! A man shouted as he pushed the party of people aside. A handsome or as most people would think, cute young man casually walked from between the crowd.


Introducing Xi Luhan.


Luhan brushes his ruff blond hair back and turned slowly. “I’m ready.”




At the same time, there was loud tapping of high hills from across the halls. The tapping was so loud and vivid that it was possible to hear the franticness in each step. It was two young women running as fast as they could without falling through the halls. However, one of the females are far in front of the other. “Yoona, wait up.” The slower one in the back said as she fell to her knees, panting strongly. The young girl in the biggest hurry slowed down and looked to her companion.


Introducing Im Yoona.



“I have to hurry.” Yoona said as she ran to help her friend. 


“I’m Taeyeon and your boss. Why do you have to be so careless?” The girl from the ground (Taeyeon) stated in a slightly bothersome way. Yoona quickly helped her up and looked into her ‘bosses’ eyes.


I’m sorry. Yoona apologized as she smile embarrassingly. “I just don’t want to be late. My big performance is about to start.”


Yoona let’s go of Taeyeon’s hand, kissed her blue necklace and seemingly floated on to the back of the stage.


As she drifted obliviously through the back stage, she notices the cheering of the audience from behind the back stage walls. She smiles, exhales air, and walks slowly onto the stage confidently. As she does, she starts to see a boyish looking man (Xi Luhan) walking toward her from the other side of the stage. They both look confused in the face as they stop walking briefly to stare at each other in wonder.


After seeing what each other thought they were seeing already, they continued moving towards one another.


Stopping only after the gap between each other was only two feet, Luhan and Yoona stared at each other once again. As they did, the roar of the audience’s applause ring and echoed through the stage were Luhan and Yoona looked into each other’s eyes. The microphone between them was the only thing separating their passionate look.


“Who are you?” They both asked at the same time with confidence in their souls.


“I’m the famous Xi Luhan.” He then explained to her in a vain way. “You must be a fan of me……” He finished as he looked at her lack of class. “Get off the stage right now and I’ll sign you an order graph after my performance.”


 Yoona expression then changes to an offended one as she covers herself defensively. “HEY,” she said back and pointed to Luhan. “I am Im Yoona and tonight this stage is mine. How about you get off the stage and I’ll sign your order graph later, okay?”


 “Who?”  Luhan lifted his eye brows looking dumbfounded, which just frustrated her even more.


He stared away from her as if he didn’t care; she looked at him as if she did.


“There is only one microphone--just leave.” He notes as he quickly moves his hand over the microphone to steal it.


As he quickly lowers his hand over the microphone, he feels soft skin already under his hand. Yoona looks up at his face in slight shock while he holds her hand gently. He looked at her and pulled his hand back quickly.

Love Letter

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