The Replacement


One of the hardest things a human being could face in life is probably losing something they thought they never would. Most of his life, Taeyang only had two things he was committed to; his passion for his work and the love of his life – So-Ah.

We were always told to never judge a book by its cover, for its content might surprise you. Most of her life, Kwon Isobel was always labelled by the people around her; she was always known as the outcast.

What happens when these two people cross paths, both different from each other but share the same pain of not wanting to live another day? And what massive twist of fate could bring them closer to each other?

Quote: "Everything you lose can be replaced."

. . . . .


A quick story (hopefully) about Taeyang and a fictional Character dedicated to one of my readers; queenkiz

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“I’m sorry,” a girl with long brown hair spoke softly as she bows her head. “I didn’t see you passing by, I should have been more careful” she continued still bowing her head. “Gwenchana?” She asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine” I replied.

Her head lifted up allowing me to get a good look of her face. I felt a knife stab my heart, tears then followed the ache that was inside of me.

“So-Ah,” I mumbled before throwing myself to hug the girl in front of me.

. . .

“So-Ah,” the boy in front of me mumbled before wrapping his arms around me. “How I missed you,” he continued while sobbing onto my chest. “I knew you’ll come back.”

“Excuse me, I think you’ve got the wrong person” I spoke after listening to him mumble.

“How can I be wrong? You’re my fiancé” He announced.

My eyes widened, I unlocked myself from him and pushed him aside. “Dude, you really have got the wrong person. I am not anyone’s fiancé. Lay low on the drugs buddy” I said before walking away.

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queenkiz #1
Chapter 3: I'm like waiting for the next parts to come in where Isobel and Taeyang finally meet.. It really feels like I'm waiting for the next episode of my favourite kdrama.. Thanks babe!!
queenkiz #2
wahahaha!! love the rebuttal..