It Was You All Along



Best friends Taeyeon and Tiffany were high school's notorious heartbreakers.


What will happen if the two decides to attend their high school reunion pretending to be a couple?


Would they turn their act into something real?


A little bit of fun, fluff, drama but more love.




Just a short story that I can't get off my mind ;)

COMMENTS, VOTES AND SUBS are appreciated :D








Taeyeon and Tiffany---high school’s notorious heartbreakers owing to the number of boys and girls that they dated back then, and the number of those boys and girls who they both dumped in the end. They were strictly just best friends and for years they’ve tried to maintain it despite the time and distance that kept them apart. Ironically for the two, they were going to be attending their high school reunion without a date. But Taeyeon wanted to change that.





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Chapter 5: Nice ending i love this :))
Chapter 4: Finally !!! Hahahaaha love this chapter !
Chapter 3: Lol sooyoung mood killer hahahaha hope taeny will become official, stop pretending to be best friend zzz
Chapter 2: Geeezzz hope they will realize their feeling sooner..i like your story author !!!
Chapter 1: I enjoyed this first chapter..hope taeny will realize their feeling for each other
sman23 #6
Chapter 5: Smile, on my face.
sman23 #7
Chapter 2: OMG.
sman23 #8
Chapter 1: Too cute! Eyesmex!
eungun0 #9
Chapter 5: Debbak :D
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Chapter 5: OMG...I love this story so much...Funny, fluffy, sweet...You are really talented :)