Room 722


trying to live alone in the city by herself, Jessica Jung gets her very own apartment room to live on...only to find out that the room was already inhabited by Im Yoong. Whose mistake was it and how will they fix this problem?

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Chapter 1: update soon author-nim~~ :3
imuthis #2
Chapter 1: I hope you still continue this. The beginning's really nice and you've set up the story so well.
update please :D
Chapter 1: UPDATE SOON...
722DolDeer #5
please update soon.....
Chapter 1: haha Yoonsic's first meeting is hilarious. Lmao. I can imagine them bickering everyday!
this is so interesting. please continue okay? :3
I'm waiting for the next chapter!
Chapter 1: haha the next chapter will be like "AHHHHHH!"" Who are you?!?! kekek so funny yoonsic first meet in the next chapter right? or will it be Yoong's POV?
dearyoong123 #8
next ubdate author. .
Chapter 1: please update soon
got2beu #10
Chapter 1: Nice one yoonsic :)