L. Joe, My Secret Fiancé

“You’re not going out of this house, Kim Hana!”

L.Joe shouted to the top of lungs as he blocked the door. He’s staring at Hana who packed all her stuffs and is about to leave him.

He sighed hard and massaged his temples. “You are not leaving this house, Kim Hana!” He yelled once again.

Ahjumma is watching the couple fight about this leaving thing.

Hana sighed hard and looked at L.Joe. “Please, Byunghun… Please.” She begged. Her tears were threatening to fall from her eyes.

L.Joe walked to her and took her luggage. “NO.” He firmly said. “You are not leaving this house!” He repeated for the nth time.


“Don’t you get the situation, Kim Hana?” He asked. “Minji knows about us. Zico knows about us. And probably, tomorrow, everyone in the campus would know about us. Why do you want to leave me? What for? When we are already exposed like ?” He gritted his teeth.

Hana sighed. “Please. I just need to make Minji trust me again. I want to be friends with her again. I have hurt her enough and I don’t want to hurt her more.”

“If we stay in one house, she will hurt more. We’re not married yet, Lee Byunghun. I have to move out.”


Hana sighed once more. “What do I do with you?” She asked softly as she looked down and about to give up.

“Nothing. Just stay here with me, Kim Hana.” L.Joe moved closer to her. He pulled her in his arms. “Please, stay with me.” He begged.

Hana shut her eyes. “I can’t.” She breathed. “Staying with you means staying away from Minji and I can’t do that, Byunghun.” She looked in his eyes.

“She’s the sister I have never had and I don’t want to lose her in my life because the man she loves is my fiance.” She continued.

L.Joe caressed Hana’s cheek. “Please, Kim Hana.” He shut his eyes and connected their foreheads. “I can’t do this without you.” He whispered.

Hana gently yanked herself away from L.Joe. “You have to do this without me, Lee Byunghun. You can do it.” She cheered him on.

L.Joe sighed. He knows that Hana loves Minji so much. What could have stopped her from confessing her feelings for him if she didn’t love Minji too much?

She would choose Minji over him. No doubt. She is doing that now.

It hurts. It does.

But he is trying to understand.

“Look, Hana,” He started. “I know that you love Minji so much and I know your love for her is greater than any love you could give but can you not leave me like this? This is a ed up situation and all I have is you and all you have is me and we are all we have. Can we ing just stay together until this issue passes?” He is frustrated. Way way way beyond frustrated if you tell me.

Hana looked at L.Joe. She sees pain and sadness in his eyes. “But it will not pass if I don’t leave you? This is the root cause. I’m your fiance. We live in the same house. You’re Minji’s boyfriend. Minji’s my best friend. This situation is ed up in the first place. Only one of us can stop this.” She beamed.

L.Joe scoffed and he could not believe everything that Hana is saying.

“So, you’re really calling off from this engagement?” He asked.

Hana nodded. “Yes.” She replied trembling.

L.Joe took a deep breath. “I can’t do anything about that?” He asked.

Hana shook her head.

“I can’t do anything for you to stay with me?” He asked again.

Hana shook her head.

“You’re decision is final?” He asked.

Hana nodded.

L.Joe sighed. Then he looked into Hana’s eyes. “Do you really love me?” He asked. It hurts him the most because the girl that he loves is going to leave her right now.

She’s going to call off from their engagement and she’s going to forget him soon.

It hurts.

Like his whole world fell into his feet.

And broke.

L.Joe whole globe broke. And he can do nothing to fix it again.

“I love you.” Hana breathed. “Believe me, I love you.” She repeated. “But I can’t do this.” She shook her head.

“You don’t love me.” L.Joe hissed.

Hana looked at him and shook her head. “Loo-“

“You don’t love me enough, Kim Hana.” He breathed. His eyes met hers and his eyes spelled pain and hurt and brokenness. “Because if you really love me, you’ll stand by me. You’ll stay with me and be by my side through all this.”

He shook his head. “But you don’t.” He laughed weakly. “I can’t believe you are a coward, Kim Hana.” He spat.

Hana’s tears are falling down and she is looking at L.Joe belittling her feelings for him.

“I love you too much.” Hana sobbed. “I love you too much that’s why I am letting you go.” She beamed.

L.Joe shook his head and he moved away from the door.

If she wants to leave, she leaves. He can’t do anything about it.

“Go.” He voiced out. “Go out and don’t ever come back.” He spoke with regret in every single word he is saying.

Hana wiped her tears harshly and she walked towards the door.

She gave L.Joe one last glance.

“Goodbye, Kim Hana. I wish to never see you again.” He spoke but wishing the opposite.

Hana’s tears came falling again. Seeing L.Joe like this hurts her more.

She loves him. She really does but she wants Minji back in her life.

L.Joe looked at Hana who is walking out right in front of him. What could he do? Can he do something to bring her back?


Because he let her go. He shooed her away.

He shut his eyes and massaged his temples.

This would probably be the last time he will see her.


“What in the world are you talking about, Kim Hana?!”

Mr. Kim burst out as he saw his daughter all packed and begging him to call off from the engagement.

Hana looked at his dad. “Dad, please. I don’t want to do this.” She begged.

Mr. Kim ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “Did you and Byunghun fight?” He asked.

Hana shook her head. “No. But I don’t want to be married with him.” She replied with all conviction.

Mrs. Kim sighed at her daughter right now. She’s being stubborn. “Hana, please. Maybe you can talk this out.” She told her.

But Hana shook her head. “No, Mom. I’ve decided. I’m not marrying Lee Byunghun.” She said firmly.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim both sighed at their daughter’s stubbornness.

“Please, Mom and Dad?” Hana beamed as tears streaked down her face. “I promise I will study really hard. We don’t need to merge with the Lees. Please. Please. Just this once.” She sobbed.

Mrs. Kim squeezed her husband’s hand. As a parent, it hurts her to see her daughter like this.

Who are they to plan who she will marry in the first place?

They can’t control Hana’s feelings.

They don’t have the right to plan this. They knew it but it’s still hard because of all the business matters attached to it.

Mr. Kim sighed in defeat. He just couldn’t bear seeing his daughter like this.

“Fine.” He spoke.

Hana looked at his Dad in disbelief. She wasn’t expecting them to agree to her demands this easy. But even if they didn’t, she will still beg because she can’t go back to L.Joe right now. Especially when he reiterated his desire to not see her again.

Mr. Kim looked at Hana. “Don’t unpack your things. You’re going to the States this evening.” He beamed.

Hana’s eyes widened. States? America? NO! “What?” She asked in disbelief. She’d never thought that she would be thrown abroad.

“If you don’t want to marry Lee Byunghun, then go out of the country. Study abroad. Hard.” Mr. Kim told her in a commanding manner.

“But yeobo-“

“No buts. She wanted to get out of the engagement. Might as well, get out of the country and study hard for the business.” Mr. Kim said firmly.

Hana felt numb. She only wants to get Minji back. And now she is leaving the country. Is this all worth it?

“You stay at the house I bought in Boston. You live there and study hard.” He told her. “I expect you study hard, Kim Hana.” His voice sounded like a threat.

Hana broke down in tears. She couldn’t help it.

Mrs. Kim came running to her and gave her a hug. “Oh Hana, don’t cry.” She hushed her.

But Hana couldn’t stop crying. How could she when his father just threw her out of the country?

“I’ll book you the earliest flight tonight and I will arrange your papers for your new school tomorrow.” Mr. Kim said. “There is no turning back, Kim Hana.” He spoke.

Hana was crying really hard. She couldn’t say she doesn’t want to do this because if she does, they’ll be throwing her back to L.Joe and the wedding would push through.

“Please, yeobo. Can’t you send her away tomorrow?” Mrs. Kim is begging.

Mr. Kim shook his head and looked away. Do they think it is easy for him to give her away?

Hell no!

Hana’s their only daughter. Their only child. How could he send her away like this?

He couldn’t. But he has to because it would be a shame for the Lee’s when he tells them that Hana doesn’t want the marriage.

 “Jules will see you when you arrive. Don’t worry. I’ll contact him and arrange everything for you.” Mr. Kim said.

And Hana…



…could only nod in agreement.


------ THE END! ------


Author’s Note:

Don’t kill me please!!!!! I’m only trying something different.

The real book 2 will start soon! And it will be another story. It will be entitled, “L.Joe’s Bride”. Are you excited?! Because I am!!!! (Somebody make me a poster because I don't know how to make a beautiful one. Please? thanks! Just message me if you do.)

Keep posted!!!!!

I’ll see you soon!

-RChampagne <3

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