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A little treasure we’d like to share with all you beautiful people. In my opinion, beauty comes from the inside but beautifying your appearance won’t hurt!



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anna98 #1
Chapter 1: Hello Ulzzang Shidae ! The Tips Here Are The Greats √ Mind Following My Insta ( @ddyanaa.lee ) ? Loves To Know All The Ulzzangs Here
Chapter 37: YAYYY! Your tips are the best!
Chapter 1: Can u explan how to make ? Number 6
anna98 #4
thanks for this tutourial , author-nims !
it really helps me a lot ;-)
it seems that u know everything about being an ulzzang neh ? aha ^^
i bet u must be a sucessful ulzzang :)
before i forget , i hope u can add me on facebook ( www.facebook.com/yeong.na2 ) and follow my instagram ( @exo_planet2012 ) . i will gladly follow back /bow/
Chapter 14:
I recently did an ulzzang tutorial I hope you might find helpful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9UNx83oles

xx Lydia xx
Chapter 32: Also,I've re read all the chapters and something came to mind.Do you know how to make under eye bags dissapear.I think I have it but you can see some veins under my eyes too.It's been bothering me a lot since I have pale skin.Do you have problems with under eyes bags.I sleep a lot and take care of my health and what I eat but the visible veins under my eyes won't dissapear.
Please help. :(
Chapter 36: I actually heard about the first link but the other are new to me and i'm very interested to check it out.Thank you for the update and it's okay if you don't update that often.
I always come here every now and then to check if I'm doing the right thing. And sure enough my acne has gone down a bit and not that visible anymore.
abyxiu #8
I like this place
Its been so long since you updated
XOXO_Lee_Joon #9
Chapter 30: Please check out my blog too!
Chapter 10: http://www.h2oplus.com/home.do
I found this website that talks about all different kinds of skin. I hope this helps.