The Deaf Pianist

The Deaf Pianist

It all started with a rain drop falling from the sky.

It all started when he went back inside.

It all started when he saw her for the first time.

But, the story started when those keys were pressed.



His heart started beating faster as her hair flowed down and her hands slowly pressed those keys. Till then, there was only one word in his mind: beautiful.

She was beautiful. Her ways were beautiful. Everything about her was beautiful. But, he never got chance to say that because he was shy to confess. Each note she played made him jump. Such perfection, she feeling, he never had seen or felt anywhere. Like this, slowly with the passing time and the music that floated in the air, he fell into the deep sea called love.

It had become a habit to see her from a distance every day. It had become a habit for his heart to beat faster as she came. It started as new, now it was getting old, but, he never got tired of it. This was what they called love. Endless; he finally had understood.

His love for her grew day by day. His curiosity about her too, grew day by day. He wanted to know her, to know each and every thing about her. But, he never had courage to say anything to her. No, he wasn’t a coward, he was just shy; simply shy, and a man in love.

He never felt this in life. He never felt so blessed, so happy.

And it was all because of her.


It happened so that fate decided to let them meet. His friend, Baekhyun was the one who introduced her to him. She was shy at first, or so he thought. But then learning about her day by day he realized, she never smiled from her heart. She always was closed. And this hurt him a lot.

Even after getting to know her name, he still felt unsatisfied. He wanted to know her more, but she always kept herself close. He didn’t ask his friends. He just stayed there listening to the every note she hit. And that’s how slowly he decided to ask her, right now.

Dragging his feet slowing towards her he called out her name. She didn’t respond, nor did she flinch. She just continued playing. He repeated this for three times; still there was no response from her.

Then, with all the courage inside him he kept his hand on her shoulder. She flinched and looked back at him.

Eyes met while his heart melted. She was beautiful, her eyes, he could just get lost there.

Then she ran. He followed her, but she was fast. It hurt him while see her run away. It just hurt when the next day she didn’t came back; when he could not listen to those notes.


She was admired.

She was praised.

But, she was never happy.


She played and played and played. There wasn’t anything else she could do. People admired her skills but it hurt her.


It was all because of fate. She was deaf and it was a pity when she wasn’t able to understand why others praised her.

It was one of her deepest secrets, something which she told to no one except her friends. Before that accident, she could hear. She could hear everything. And till then, those praises always lifted her spirits. But now, upon seeing the people talk about her skills it kills her inside. As she could not hear what she played, the actual reason of those praises.

Seeing someone admiring you was something everyone whished for. But, for her, it hurt her instead.

And then, one day came him, Luhan. The baby-faced boy who is said to have a melodious voice, which she couldn’t hear… She could lip-read but could not hear. His personality, his behavior, his habits, his smile, she fell for everything that was related with him. But then she always had that fear about him knowing about her weakness, about, him disliking her; about him getting distant from her.

 So, with that feeling, she played out her heart. But she didn’t realize the boy coming closer to her.

And then she felt a hand on her shoulder. By the scent, by that touch she could say it was him.

Her head turned back and their eyes met. Her heart slowly broke down as she thought what would happen if he got to know about her. She didn’t want that to happen. She didn’t want him to know. So, she ran, dragging her legs to wherever it took her. But she couldn’t hear those footsteps, she couldn’t hear her name.

After few moments, it disappeared; everything disappeared, as she was accompanied with that darkness. She didn’t want to go back. She wanted to hide herself.


She ran away from him.

But, that didn’t mean he would give up.

He would catch her, anyhow.


He got her address from her best friend, Taeyeon, who was apparently his best friend’s girlfriend. But, before he got those, he got to know about her.

And all his answers were found there.

She didn’t say anything because she was scared. She didn’t hear him because she couldn’t hear. But then, there was one question left in his mind. ‘Did she love him back?’ It haunted him. What if she didn’t? But then, this didn’t stop him from going to her.

He would get back all his answer today, anyhow, at any cost.

So, he went to the doorstep of her house. And when she opened the door, she was attacked with his lips.


He caught her.

He said he love her.

But, again she was scared.


She closed her lips and responded back. For now, she forgot all her worries. His lips were the only thing in her mind.

But, after they broke, fear surrounded her. He did love her, but what if he left her after he got to know about her deafness?

She slipped away from his embrace with tears forming in her eyes. But, what she didn’t know was, this time he didn’t have any intentions to let her go.

So, he caught her into his warm embrace. She sobbed while he made circles around her back, and then he kissed her head. This was what made her realize that he was using gestures, not words, so, by chance did he know that she was deaf?

Breaking the hug, she looked into his eyes and simply asked, if he knew, which he responded by nodding. She smiled and again slipped into his tight embrace.



This was the end of the doubts, the awkwardness and the start of their relation.

She couldn’t speak but she knew what he felt.

He didn’t speak but made her feel what he felt.


The End



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wait, why is the translation not available-
hanbilu #2
Chapter 1: God, this was sooo heart touching!
tzeyang #3
She couldn’t speak but she knew what
he felt.
He didn’t speak but made her feel what
he felt.
dis realy touched my heart!!
authornim,kip up d gd wrk ;)
xLovinLife #4
Chapter 1: I really liked this story!
Chapter 1: I do like the story! You don't know how much I have read it again and again and I like how you portray their feelings. This was so sweet!