Half Assassin (Hiatus)



“If fate allows would you kill for love or let go to survive?”



“I didn’t kill for love” answered Chiyo (Mao Inoue) since she chose to lose her love ones  just to survive.


It was too late when she realized what she did was the most regretful thing she could ever feel.


Now, to change her fate

She decides a new route


If you will ask her the same question again

She’ll definitely choose the first one—

To kill

It would be easy NOW


Chiyo is no longer a weak girl but a blood thirsty assassin.





images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvbFvkzNSzKgM14P8rq6Y   Inoue Mao -Chiyo Hoshina 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTN4ppnllg52sQapHnQjyc  Jun Matsumoto -Isamu Mizuno 


odagiri-joe.jpg  Joe Odagiri - Hachiro Mizuno 




images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTBkfYdh2woWq6KYhd5RHQ  Ohno Satoshi- Jurojin




I edit the foreword, but he story is still the same as what I planned. I just change the approach and eliminate some characters to make the story short.

Hope you’ll enjoy this story

I update once I finish Kizuna.


For Filipino reader I’m also planning to write this in tagalog

Click here.








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Doseijin #1
I really want to read this fanfic , please update
I love your stories. I finished Kizuna and Kiss the prince and I want to read Half Assassin.
Ganbare Aouthor-san I will support you! ^^
Please update i would really like to read this
[deactivated] #3
why won't you update this :(
this popped on my mind so i decided to make a trailer and an intro but i guess i should update this after i'm done in kizuna and lucky star ^^, btw tnx!
junhartmao #5
Oh wow a new story !<br />
<br />
Can't wait till you write more .... so looking forward to your stories.