The Only Reason





Tiffany wanted Taeyeon to make her stay. But coward Taeyeon is coward.


Read on to know more.





Heartbreak. There are millions of ways to break a heart. Taeyeon’s felt like it rammed into a hard concrete wall and smashed to pieces with no hopes of putting it back together. The destruction came abruptly. Yet the pain lasted agonizingly long and torturous. Tiffany’s felt like a bullet had been shot right through her heart, puncturing her veins, draining it of its blood, and damaging it beyond repair.






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Mootrash #1
Mr. Kims' reaction speaks so much truth in some families that it hurts me deeply.
Chapter 3: Oh my godddd!!! My taeyeon, what the hell are you doing Mr. Kim!!! Dont you dare slap taeyeon like that will ya??! , Godd im so angry you know thor, but this i like your story thor. Oh and hai, im new reader ~
cwright01 #3
Awww, such a sweet ending.
Chapter 3: Wowwww very nice and emotional ending... my TaeNy heart <3

Thanks so much author. :)
grc_grace #5
Chapter 3: Poor taeyeon :( seriously her father is just so heartless -__-
But I'm glad finally taeyeon admit it if she love Tiffany :')
Kangreneseul #6
liahyul #7
Chapter 3: i read this.. years ago?? but now i read this again TT i miss taeny so muchhhh
taejellybean #8
Chapter 3: Tae's father is just... what the hell... but I guess that something that could happen and maybe do happen... so yeah... poor Tae, but I'm glad she chose Tiffany and their happiness. Realistic approach to this, I really enjoy this story.
Chapter 3: OMG.. I'm so late to discover this beautiful story. I'm glad that Taeyeon decided to take the chances to be with Tiffany. Good job author-ssi~! Looking forward for your others story. Thanks!
tiffany_hwangmiyoung #10
Chapter 3: This is so beautiful. Good job author shi!!!