A Collection of Ficlets & Drabbles

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"True Love does not have a happy ending. True Love has no ending."




An assortment of stories from various pairings.







With nothing much better to do, I rummaged through my files and was surprised to stumble upon some of my unfinished drabbles randomly stashed there.

I’ve forgotten all about them, honestly. OTL

Although a bit apprehensive at first, I finally decided to post after I do some final touches to complete them.

I hope knowing that these were unintentionally neglected drabbles will NOT put you off.

Although, that says much about the quality of my writing and it may not reach certain expectations you might have. OTL


Hopefully you can spare some time to read them. 

pretty please? 


Subscriptions and Comments will be very appreciated. ^_^

Upvote if you think these stories deserve it, and that would mean quite a lot to me. (T^T)




And, thank you, glamzchic, for encouraging me to do this. ^_^ v
credit my buddy Purple Rabbit for the poster. T^T


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