His Bar Code Tattoo

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Sehun's different from all the others...He didn't have a bar code. 

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I grew up noticing bar code tattoos on people. Didn't everyone have one? I never really knew what it was until I turned fifteen. I thought it was just a bunch of numbers under a bunch of lines. To be honest, I wasn't sure if everyone saw this or I was the only one. 

I was born in Vermont, my parents are Korean. Growing up, I've always noticed a bar code tattoo on the side of my parent's necks. Everyone had one, weren't you born with one? 

I was a quiet kid growing up, so I never asked about it. I found out the hard way what it meant, the numbers on the bar code tattoo told you your expiration date; the day you die. I thought it was odd, we're humans, we're not edible, drinkable, how come we can expire? 

I found out what the numbers were for when I was fifteen. The numbers on the side of my father's neck were 006 29 10 2569. He passed away when I was that age during the month of June, on the twenty-ninth in the year twenty-ten at the hospital which had the address two-five-six-nine. At first, I told myself that, no, the numbers on his neck and his death day were just coincidentally the same. Then it started happening, people around me passed away, the day they died and the location they died were the same as the numbers on their neck. 

I wondered if people noticed it, the numbers. How come no one else stayed at home during their expiration date? It wasn't long before I realized I was the only one who saw it. I remember asking my cousin what did her bar code say. She looked at me all weird and asked what I was talking about. I pointed to the one on her neck and well, she thought I was crazy. "Dakota, there's nothing on my neck..." She told me. 

So I was the only one who saw this. I was the only one who knew when someone would expire. 

After my father passed away, my mother was depressed. We decided to move back to Seoul, South Korea. I lived with my grandparents and my mother. I was enrolled into Seoul Academy where I met this someone.

He's different. His name is Sehun and his bar code didn't exist. 

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Inspiration: From the summary of  "Numbers" by Rachel Ward only

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14 streak #1
my mind was blown while reading this fic...
Came back here because the recent drama that Lee Sung Kyung starred in had a similar theme as this fic!! Author-nim, do you know of that??
Chapter 5: "My Minhee"

Me likes this

Chapter 1: Its started off brilliantly. I've been dragged in
Reading the summary, I must say these are the kind of concepts I try and look for in terms of fanfictions. I'm really excited to read on :) It seems very interesting and I have a huge feeling I'm going to love the characters in this fic ♡
25 streak #6
Chapter 34: as far as I know this should be considered a spin-off or a part of a series. just because they are related in concept doesn't mean they can be sequel and prequel
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Chapter 33: interesting last sentence... the reason for Sehun's bar code tattoo not appearing is still a mystery to me...
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Chapter 4: this is cute I didn't expect it to turn out this cute ^^ I thought it was going to be gloomy like the first chapter but I guess it's not ~~
fgtalks #9
Chapter 36: This story is somehow not that complicated, but can't be called a simple one either. Not too long and absolutely interesting one! Amazing work indeed.
nice (‘∀’●)♡