This is a one-shot story of Bang Minsoo (CAP) from TEEN TOP and an OC girl.

The idea of making this fiction was from my latest dream. So, no plagiarized since it's pure comes from my own mind and (crazy) imagination. LOL~!!

ENJOY~!!!! =)



"I'm so sorry, noona. I'm so sorry for ignoring you. I was wrong" - Bang Minsoo

"Sorry, Minsoo. It's all too late" - Park Yoomi



It's really heartbreaking for him to see someone who used to cling into him, go out with another guy. Maybe it's really his fault that the girl changed her heart into another guy she just met. His heart can't lie anymore but everything has become too late for him to fix it.

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Chapter 1: Congratulations being on the random feature.
congratulations on the random feature!
whiterose12 76 streak #3
Congrats on random feature >3<
TakeshimaTaki-desu #5
Chapter 1: if this is the usual me, i would say "serves him right!" but since it's Bang Minsoo... ooooowaaaaahhhh come to me then!! i will take care of you and love you more then Yoomi did!! T___T this is soo gooddd!!!!
Chapter 1: howaaa~~~ Minsoo's heartbroken~! kkkkkkkk

I dont understand why you didnt use Minsoo's name from the first moment you mention him. You keep writing her crush, he, him... so it became confusing to which you refer to 'he'.
As in "they are walking side by side, crossing the school's field while talking happily as he looks at them"
who's this 'he'? kkkkk second sentence, I know it's Minsoo.
try to state names rather than pronoun, since English could be confusing, when you refer with pronouns. 'He', is it Minsoo? or Kris? or even Niel?

anywaaaayy~~~ this one is good~! ^^d