I'm Sorry - Too Late


"They are here and He's here!!", Sina shakes Yoomi's arms in excitement.

"Who?!", Yoomi asks her while turning her head to her left.

"Your big crush!!", Yoori shakes Yoomi's hands.

There, she can see a guy wearing a black beanie and specs while he holds the school coat with his right hand. He walks casually with his friends but he has this annoyed look painted all over his face. Yes, he sees her. He knows that this girl likes him so much or we can say, she has a big crush on him. His friends are talking happily, not knowing that their friend is going to walk to another direction as this girl is ready to greet him with her smile.

She's not pretty and she's not ugly either. She's just plain. She doesn't like to wear any make-ups on her face. She likes him so much and she really wants to take his attention just for her. She wants him to notice her - which in fact, they know each other since they are neighbor. She tries every steps or strategies to steal his attention but none. He will always ignoring her while his friends are happily approaching her and talk to her just like best friends.

"NOONAAA~~!!!", the cutest one clings on Yoomi's arm. "I miss you, noona!!"

"Hahaha. I miss you too, Changhyun", she ruffles his hair - still looking for her crush who disappears in the crowd.

"Hi, Yoori", the most handsome guy holds Yoori's hand and pecks her lips.

"Lee Byunghun!! Stop that!! People might see us!!"

"Let them be. You are my girlfriend and is that a problem for people noticing it?!", he says as he Yoori's hair.

"Eww~ Go get yourself a room!!", Sina exclaims.

"Noona. Here. I bought a milk for you", a tall guy stands in front of Sina, hands her the chocolate milk.

"Thanks, Niel!"

"Anything for my girlfriend", he smiles and ruffles Sina's wavy hair.

"He.. He's not here?!", Yoomi asks Changhyun and Jonghyun as they are the one who stand next to her. "Again?!", she hangs her head low.

Changhyun and Jonghyun pat her head. She smiles again as Changhyun gives her his aegyo. But inside her heart, she's broken. She knows that he is avoiding her and it is always happen everyday for almost 2 years. She feels tired. Sometimes she wants to stop liking him but her heart can't lie. Whenever she sees him, her heart will beating like crazy but then, he gives her a stab on her heart as he avoids her. All of her efforts are useless. She cooks his favorite food for him but he never touches it; she helps him to do his homework but he never says thank you; she helps him to study but he never listens to her; she takes care of him when he gets cut or wounds; she takes care of him when he sicks; she accompanies him on his extra but the next thing happen is he goes home alone and doesn't want to take her home.

His friends know about her feelings toward him and helping her to get him. But once again, it always ended with fail. He really doesn't have any interest in her. He just sees her as a sister - or so he thinks. He doesn't want to ruin their friendship without hurting her but how?! She keeps coming into his daily life and he keeps on hurting her more with his action. He just wishes that someday someone can stop her.

They will never know that his "little" wish will come true shortly as something big awaits them in the future.

Same day, same activites and same pains she received from her crush to start the day. She looks at her friends who are busy with their boyfriend. She feels jealous. If only she can get his attention, she might feels happy like her friends. But what she feels everyday is just gloomy. She is rarely could be seen smiling lately. It's been two weeks that he doesn't join them in their recess time at school. Obviously, he is hiding from her but his friends never tell her about where he is hiding at recess.

"Ah!! I heard that we will have a new student here", Chanhee speaks as he flicks his fingers.

"Oh?! Jin-"

Yoori's words are cut by the sudden scream of Yoomi who is just coming to join them. Someone is flying over her head and he lands in front of her. Yoomi is closing her eyes - scared if he landed on her. His hair is covering his face as he kneels down in front of her. The others look at him with disbelief. They raise their eyebrows. Then, they are shock to see a fine tall youngman stands next to Yoomi. He is handsome and he has a foreign look. He looks at Yoomi who is still closing her eyes and covering her face with her arms.

"That's okay. Open your eyes", he says.

"OMO!!! I'm alive?!", she opens her eyes. "Uhh~ but what did you do there?! You scared me!!"

"Ah, I'm sorry. I'm new here. I don't know where the gate is since this school is too big. So I decided to jump over the fence here", he smiles.

"Oh, then you must be the new student we just talked about??", Sina claps her hand.

"Uhh~ Maybe?! By the way, my name is Kris!", he offers his hand to Yoomi.

"Kris?! No doubt why you look like a foreign. Hello, I'm Park Yoomi", she shakes his hand while smiling. At that time, Kris' heart makes a crazy beating every second. She looks pretty with her smile. He blushes.

He can't hear exactly what is Yoomi talking about as he only focuses his eyes on Yoomi. She is tall and she has a long dark brown hair. He falls for her charm when she is smiling widely as she introduces her friends one by one - which he doesn't listen to, of course. All of them know that Kris has lost his focus just by looking at how he glued his eyes on Yoomi but Yoomi doesn't recognized it.

The next thing happen is Yoomi guides Kris to go to the headmaster's room - Kris asked her to. Yoomi is waiting outside the headmaster's room as Kris' requested before. She plays with her feet, feels bored waiting him. Then, someone passes her with a quick steps. She looks at him. Indeed, it's him, her crush. She just looks at his back view with a sad eyes. She gives up. 

Kris and the headmaster then come out from the room and the headmaster tells Yoomi that Kris will be in one class with her - once again, Kris requested that. Yoomi is glad to help Kris on his new school and his new class. Since Kris' Korean is still bad, Yoomi and her friends would be the best choices to be closed with him as they can speak English really well. 

They are walking side by side, crossing the school's field while talking happily as he looks at them. He doesn't know why but he doesn't like what he sees. He loses his focus and a ball hits him right on his head. Yoomi looks at him and of course, she becomes panic. She runs to him in an instant.

"MINSOO!!! Are you okay?!?! Do you get hurt?!?!"

"Let go!! I'm fine!!", he removes Yoomi's hand from his face. Yoomi's face becomes gloomy. He looks annoyed when Kris follows Yoomi from behind.

"Is he your friend too??", Kris asks Yoomi in English and Yoomi just nods at him. "Hello, I'm Kris. I'm new here and I hope we can get along well", he offers his hand to help Minsoo stand up.

"He is our junior, Kris. He is 2 years younger than us", Yoomi whispers to Kris' ear as he helps Minsoo.

"Oh?!", Kris looks shock.

"Well, if you are okay, I will take my leave now. Take care. Let's go Kris"

Both of them walk to the class with Minsoo's hatred gaze following them behind.


Day after day passes. Now, it's Yoomi's turn to be rarely could be seen with the groups at recess time while Minsoo is joining them, at last. Yes, she is get along well with Kris and she will always spending her times with him in the library. The teachers always pair them up for a team projects. Sina and Yoori know that Kris is actually wants to catch Yoomi's heart as they see how Kris acts really nice to Yoomi while towards the other girls, he will be so cold. They keep it as a secret from the group. Changhyun and Jonghyun are the only one who look for Yoomi. Byunghun and Niel are already busy with their girlfriend and Minsoo, secretly he is hoping that Yoomi will show up someday. 

"You miss her?", Chanhee asks Minsoo suddenly.

"Huh?! Miss who?!", he acts innocent as he sips on his drink.

"Yoomi noona. She is not here for 2 weeks already and you miss her, right?!"

"Don't be ridiculous, Lee Chanhee!!"

Then, Yoomi really shows up in front of them. Minsoo is smiling when he sees Yoomi's bright face as she waves her hand to his direction. Same smile and same action from Yoomi towards him. He is about to return her smile when,

"KRIS!!", she calls another name. 

She runs towards his direction. No. Not to him but to a person who sits behind him. She greets the others but not him then, she sits beside Kris. They are laughing happily as Kris ruffles Yoomi's hair and Yoomi give a light punch on Kris' arms. The others see that except for Minsoo. He just smiles awkwardly and continue to munch on his food. He doesn't have any apetite anymore but he doesn't want his friends notice that. 

"Guys, we are going to the library. See you!!", Yoomi bids her goodbye with Kris.

Minsoo looks at their back view. Somehow it hurts his heart to see Yoomi becomes so close with other guy besides his friends. He feels empty when Yoomi slowly leaves him. No more homemade food from Yoomi, no more private teacher to help him study and the thing he misses the most from Yoomi, her bright smile towards him. It's all gone from his life. He started to regretting what he has done to Yoomi. If only he didn't ignoring or avoiding her.

Yoomi, herself, feels comfortable around Kris. She feels how being loved by a man - which she never got it from Minsoo - is really make her life different. She feels safe and secure. Sometimes she will think if Minsoo is just like Kris, her life would be perfect. But for the second thought, it is imposibble for Minsoo to be like Kris. Minsoo is Minsoo and Kris is Kris. Little do they know, Yoomi is slowly changing her heart. She falls for Kris' kindness and charms.

There will be a basketball match between Minsoo's class and Yoomi's class - of course Kris will play. Since Minsoo doesn't like Kris, he always makes his way to him and in deliberately makes a foul towards him. Both of them fall to the ground and they hurt their ankle. Both of them don't want to give up on each other so they still play eventhough their ankle are swelling. After the game, Yoomi runs over to the changing room. Minsoo sees her running to his direction but again, she is approaching the man behind him.

"Kris!! Are you okay?? Why do you keep on playing?? Look at your ankle now!! Let's go to the clinic!! I don't want you to be hurted like this!!", Yoomi supports Kris who hardly can walk. She gives a deadly stare at Minsoo as they pass him. She doesn't care anymore with Minsoo. Minsoo is left there hanging before his friends are finally coming in.

"You okay?!", Chanhee asks. He wants to burst into tears but not now. Not in front of his friends. He regrets it. He regrets everything he has done. Yoomi used to be care for him but now, her worry's voice couldn't be heard anymore. Her words to Kris are exactly the same as what she said to him whenever Minsoo hurted himself but he always refused her to take care of him. Now he wants it. He wants Yoomi to be on his side, taking care of him.

He gets out to the clinic near the school and looks at how worry Yoomi is when Kris receives his treatment. That exact face he used to see before his eyes, now isn't for him anymore. He walks to her hardly but holds back when Kris goes out from the doctor's room. Yoomi helps Kris to walk and passes the hiding Minsoo.

"Now you want to get her back when she finally falls in love with someone who loves her back?!", Minsoo jerks back as he hears Sina's voice. "Bang Minsoo, I'm so disappointed at you. Eventhough they have not officially being a couple, but I know that you are already gone in Yoomi's heart. You are the one who erases yourself in her heart. Now that she's with other guy, there's a feel in your heart that longing for her?! Just forget it"

"As Yoomi's friend, can I beg you to leave her alone?! Let her to feel what is happiness to be loved by someone. You never give that to her. You only give her pain. I'm glad that Kris can make her smile again like she used to be. Please?!", Yoori speaks as well.

"I... I can't promise you that", Minsoo answers them with hanging his head low.

"You hurt Yoomi again, I won't forgive you forever, Bang Minsoo", Yoori threatens him and leaves him alone.

One spring afternoon, Yoomi is walking home alone. Kris isn't there with her since he has something to do with his family. Minsoo steals the chance to walk her home - more to stalks her since he doesn't tell her properly. Yoomi knows that someone is following her behind and she feels scared. She runs in an istant and it makes Minsoo runs after her. He reaches her arms and turns her body. He earns some smacks and punches from Yoomi as she thinks that he is a or robbers.

"Noona!! Noona, it's me!!", Yoomi stops punching him as she hears a familiar deep voice. She opens her eyes just to see Minsoo's messy face.

"Oh.. It's you. Now let me go", Yoomi shrugs Minsoo's hands from her arms. She walks casually again when suddenly Minsoo stops her.

"I have something to say, noona"

"Okay, tell me now. I don't have a time", she coldly says to him.

Minsoo drags her to go to the nearest park there. He makes Yoomi sits on the bench there as he kneels down in front of her and facing her face. He trembles hard as he tries to hold back his tears. Yoomi can feel it too since Minsoo is holding her hands so tight,

"What happen with y-"

"What happen with me?! It's easy, Bang Minsoo. Can you feel me now?? Can you feel what I felt whenever you ignoring me, avoiding me?? Sina and Yoori told me that you are trying to get me back. Why?! I want to hear the reason right from your own mouth"

"What?! They told you what??"

"Just spill it out!!"


"Hmph~ You love me because I left you?! Because I'm not on your side anymore?? Because you feel empty that there's no one who bothers you anymore?! Are that your reasons why you love me, Bang Minsoo?!"


"DO YOU KNOW HOW HURT I WAS WHEN YOU IGNORED ME?!?!", Yoomi bursts into tears. She removes Minsoo's hands from hers.

"I'm so sorry, noona. I'm so sorry for ignoring you. I was wrong", Minsoo also bursts into tears. "I was too fool to realized my own feelings towards you. I'm so sorry!"

"Sorry, Minsoo. It's all too late. I have no feelings towards you anymore. Goodbye. Find another girl who can love you like I did before. She has to be better than me so you can be happy. When she appears in front of you, please don't turn her down like what you did to me. I beg you. Live well"

She leaves him crying alone in the park. He finally knows the pain he gave her all of these times and it's too late for him to regret everything as he accepts the fact that the girl he loves the most, finally comes to another guy's arms because of his big mistakes.   




ps: Haaaa~ This is my first fanfiction here in AFF and I hope you all like it. I know the story is but it's 100% comes from my dream a few days ago. I even cried on my dream. LOL.. xD Subscribes me and please give a comment on this fanfiction of Minsoo. =)


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Chapter 1: Congratulations being on the random feature.
congratulations on the random feature!
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Congrats on random feature >3<
TakeshimaTaki-desu #5
Chapter 1: if this is the usual me, i would say "serves him right!" but since it's Bang Minsoo... ooooowaaaaahhhh come to me then!! i will take care of you and love you more then Yoomi did!! T___T this is soo gooddd!!!!
Chapter 1: howaaa~~~ Minsoo's heartbroken~! kkkkkkkk

I dont understand why you didnt use Minsoo's name from the first moment you mention him. You keep writing her crush, he, him... so it became confusing to which you refer to 'he'.
As in "they are walking side by side, crossing the school's field while talking happily as he looks at them"
who's this 'he'? kkkkk second sentence, I know it's Minsoo.
try to state names rather than pronoun, since English could be confusing, when you refer with pronouns. 'He', is it Minsoo? or Kris? or even Niel?

anywaaaayy~~~ this one is good~! ^^d