Love Potion [2Min Oneshot]


Taemin sat in the chair opposite from the other playing with his hands. Jonghyun stared at him as Taemin looked down at the ground. 

"So? Do you want it or not?"
The younger boy looked up into Jonghyun's eyes and stayed silent. After a few seconds of silence, he spoke. "Are you positive that it would work? I mean, what if it doesn't?"
The elder boy scoffed. "Of course it'll work! I've seen it work before my eyes! Do you think I'm lying to you?" Taemin quickly shook his head no and looked back down at the ground.
Jonghyun groaned in exasperation. "You know what? Never mind." He stood up closing the case filled with vials and grabbed the handle making his way to the door.
Taemin looked up to see and quickly stood up from his seat, grabbing the other's wrist. "Wait! I-I'll buy it." Jonghyun smirked and opened the case on the desk once again. He picked up a vial filled with clear liquid and handed it to Taemin. "Just slip it in a drink and simply offer it to him." 
The younger hesitantly took the vial and slipped it in his jacket pocket. He took out a few bills out of his pocket and handed it to Jonghyun. "Pleasure doing business with you Tae." He grabbed the bills from the younger's hand and pocketed it. 
"Oh, and remember, the potion will wear off after two weeks~"
Taemin sat on one of the library chairs staring at him. Kim Kibum was his name and Taemin had a thing for the older boy. Key was different. He had a maternal sense to him and cared about others deeply. Taemin loved a lot about him. The way he would laugh, how sarcastic he could be, his looks and how he treated Taemin. 
Whenever it came to Key, Taemin couldn't speak or think properly. He became clumsy and more shy than he usually was when he was around the older boy which made Key's motherly side come out. But all Taemin would ever be to Key was a son; nothing more. Taemin wasn't exactly very close to Key either. They would occasionally talk, but that was it. 
He sighed and took out the vial of liquid he had bought earlier from Jonghyun. Upon observing it, he saw the words 'Love Potion' written on it. He put the vial back and propped his head on his hand. 
I really hope this will work.
Minho pretended to read as he stared at Taemin from one of the aisles. He noticed the younger boy was looking at Key again and closed the book, putting it back in it's original place. Minho liked Taemin but was afraid of the rejection for he knew Taemin liked Key. He sighed and walked past Taemin's table to the entrance of the library. 
He met Jonghyun outside the library doors. "Are you sure this plan is going to work?"
Jonghyun chuckled. "Of course it will. Don't worry~ Everything will go according to plan."
"And what if everything doesn't go according to plan?" Minho raised his eyebrow at the other and Jonghyun sighed. 
"Just.. trust me?" Jonghyun patted the other's shoulder. "Ok? You'll have Taemin before you know it~"


Hope you enjoy :3

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growl_123 #1
Chapter 2: Woah Jonghyun you smart person. The ultimate 2min shipper......the 2min :3
[deactivated] #2
2minJongkeyshipper #3
Chapter 2: UHH this was so cute *_*
Loved it ♡♥
Miawitch_1002 #4
Chapter 2: so cute author-nim.!
i_am_my_otp #5
Chapter 2: OH MY GOD MY FEEEEEEELSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an amazing story <3 I love the hint of magic, and how it turned out to be a trick, and They're my favorite pairing <3 KEEP WRITING! YOU'RE GREAT!
Aish~~ so precious :3
soo cuteeeeeeeeee :3
awwwwwwwww T_T<br />
Ittiban1998 #9
argh, how sweet :D maybe Choi Min Ho is a bad guy at school but he's a sweet boyfriend :x oh, Taeminnie :x this mushroom can steal everyone's heart easilly :x keep moving forward, au ah<
SHINee4ever5 #10
Its so sweet!! I love it <3