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           She's back in town not because she wanted to be here in the first place, but because her parents decided that it's time for them to return back to their origins. To hell with their origins! For Jess, this means nothing more than the memory of the betrayal, of the pain and the deception, so being forced to meet and socialize with the people she hates the most: her cousins - L.Joe and his twin, Hyuna, Changjo and her so called- bestfriend Ki Seung, it wasn't exactly the happiest part of her life. Not when Jess still has a crush for the first boyfriend in her life.

            In aditionaly to this, for Jess, forgiving some apologies that she never heard them or received them, it was even a more difficult thing to do than meeting her own past.  If back then Jess ran away of her problems, now  she's forced to face them and to deal with them.  The question is how she will deal with all this tumult of hypostasis in  which she will be put?! The ties once broken, can they be restored?


Author's notes:

                  All the rights for the ideas of the story belongs only to me. I didn't plagiarize other stories, not did I steal the ideas of others, so if you see any similarities with other stories please keep in mind that I did not copy anything! 
                  Everything is pure fiction, starting from the names of characters, their ages, the places where the shares take place.
                  Basicaly, this originally started as a story of revenge of the main female character against her ex-boyfriend, but because the story had a lot of mistakes - both gramatically and contextualy - I took the decision to rebuild it from the beginning bringing major changes in the naration. I apologise for this inconvenience for those who already subscribed to my story a long time ago, and I hope you'll like my new version instead. I made the poster of this story, so please don't be too harsh with my first atempt to make a cover. 
                 Also, the updates will be slowly or when I'm in the mood to write at it!

WARNING: This story may - but it doesn't mean that my whole story is based on violence - contain abuse, swearing, and any other form of violence. If you aren't used to it, don't read it!



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Chapter 5: Omg I feel my heart hurt!:"" Good job author :D