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  • Birth Name: Kim Kibum (김기범)

  • Birthday: September 23, 1991

  • Blood type: B

  • Height: 177cm (5’9.7”)

  • Hometown: Daegu

  • Nicknames:
    Almighty Key (만능열쇠 / manneung yeolswe)
    Keymera (키메라) (for his ability to find cameras)
    Fox (여우 / yeowoo)
    Mom (엄마 / umma)

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  • Back in 2nd grade, Key hid the spoon and chopsticks of the girl he liked, hoping that she would end up eating with him. She ended up eating with her hands, leaving him disappointed.  

  • Key’s first love was back when he was in elementary grade. He is still friends with her.  

  • When Key was in Elementary, he had an argument with a flight attendant because he wanted another piece of bread but they wouldn’t give it to him.  

  • Key didn’t study a lot during school, he just did what was necessary, then did his best at performance assessments. During exams, he would only study during the exam week. 

  • Key loved the story of Rapunzel when he was little. 

  • Key got robbed the first time he went to Seoul Central Station. 

  • He went to Los Angeles to learn English and study

  • He dreamed of becoming a singer or artist

  • Key auditioned twice for SME. Once in 2005 and another in 2006.  

  • Key was a backup dancer in Super Junior’s Attack of the Pinup Dolls movie.

(Mother, Father)

  • He was born into a wealthy family

  • His father is a business man and mother is a nurse

  • His mother fell ill soon after Key was born

  • His grandmother pretty much raised him and Key respects her the most for this

  • His grandmother gave him a note that reads “Grandma loves Kibum” and he still keeps it with him

  • Key’s grandma calls him “Kibummie”

  • Key talks to his grandmother on the phone every single day. 

  • At first his family was against him becoming a singer

  • His father keeps an autographed photo of Key in his office

  • One of his grandmothers passed away during Hello Baby.  (Not the one that took care of him or gave him the note)


  • He would be most upset if people threw out his clothes

  • He hates when people touch or use his stuff

  • Key loves the color pink

  • His favorite food is Italian

  • Has a scar near/on his eyebrow

  • He is a Christian and goes to church (sometimes with Super Junior’s Siwon)

  • Key’s artwork was featured in Kim Donghee’s exhibition

  • He doesn’t like ice

  • He has a love-hate relationship with horror movies and tends to not be able to finish them in the cinemas, so in order to watch them, he has to rent them and watch them at home.  

  • When Key is scared, he has a habit of hitting something really hard.  

  • Key strips, talks a lot, and does aegyo when drunk

  • Key cannot stand “witless” people

  • Key is the best cook and whenever someone else cooks he will watch and nag

  • Key is afraid of heights

  • He wants to visit Alaska

  • Key watched the American drama “Desperate Housewives”

  • He doesn’t like carrots

  • Key needs glasses but usually always wears contacts

  • He loves Studio Ghibli movies

  • Key has a Yorkshire Terrier named Coco

  • When Key gets nervous, his voice suddenly changes to a higher pitch. 

  • He is a workaholic

  • Key’s Daegu accent comes out when excited

  • Key cooks for s and will get angry if they don’t eat his food

  • Key’s favorite Japanese dramas are 1 litre of tears and Nobuta wo Produce. 

  • He would like to become a fashion designer

  • Key is a shopaholic

  • Key once received some car keys as a gift (but no car)

  • He likes Spongebob Squarepants and The Simpsons

  • Key can dance to any girl group song from just watching it once. 

  • Key is an easy target for pranks

  • He would like to be reborn as a pretty woman

  • Key loves BB cream

  • Key has a special bag for his makeup tools.

  • Key keeps a diary 

  • He hates doing laundry

  • He hates math

  • Key believes that having the freedom to do whatever you want in life is very important. 

  • Key still uses the blanket and pillow from home.  

  • Apparently Key has some questionable photos on his phone and computer

  • He hates running

  • Key likes to disturb s when they are sleeping

  • He doesn’t like to lie and can be very blunt

  • Key does not like fermented soybean stew. 

  • He has a habit of scratching right under his nose





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