Chapter 4

My Idol Boyfriend
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Jjin Ja - Really?

Yeoboseyo - Hello (When answering a phonecall)


“Alright, it’s done!” Suho lightly tapped your dressed wound and smiled with a hint of guilt lingering on his face.

“Does it hurt?” Baekhyun asked with a frown on his face and gave you a pout.

You quickly waved your hands and shook your heads, assuring them, “No it doesn’t! Gwenchana!”

“I suggest you wait for another ten minutes before leaving, it should be safer by then.” Kai gave it a serious thought and nodded his head.

Just then, you heard the sound of the crunching keys and a bunch of guys ran in before slamming the door shut.


“Oh my gosh, that girl is sitting by the lift! She’s still here now? It’s already past midnight!” Tao huffed a deep sigh and patted his chest to calm himself down.

“Whoa, who’s this?” Chen jumped back in surprise, seeing a stranger sitting on their sofa.

The other five guys who just came back into the dorm shifted their focus on you and their eyes widened in confusion.

“What the…” Kris mumbled.

Chanyeol immediately stood up and explained to them before they start making a fuss, “This was what happened, she is here to deliver the pizzas but she got attacked by the sasaeng fan outside. We brought her in to treat her wound and since it’s not safe to walk out of this building immediately, we told her to stay for another ten minutes. I’m guessing because she is not in her staff uniform that’s why the crazy girl outside got the wrong idea.”

“This is too ridiculous! Now they’re hurting the innocent people around us!” Luhan’s face turned red as he frowned, deep in his thoughts.

Seeing Luhan getting upset and sensing the atmosphere tensing up again, Sehun tried to lighten the mood and threw his hands up like a kid, “Guess what guess what, hyungs?!” She’s the fan who gave us the Aromatherapy Essential Oils!”

Xiu Min’s eyes popped out like a little puppy and smiled, “Jjin jja?! You’re a fan of us?”

You shyly nodded your head, before waving your hands in big circles, “A big fan of all of you! Especially…”

“Me?” Baekhyun tried and gave you a hopeful smile.

You signalled your hands towards the guy sitting alone at the back, “Kyungsoo Oppa.” This made everyone burst out into soft chuckles.

/Brrrring brrring./

The manager quickly placed his finger on his lips to signal all of you to quieten down before answering the phone, “Yeoboseyo?”

He listened intently to the speaker talking over the phone which caused him to frown occasionally while nodding his head.

“No no, I’m not asleep yet. Oh? Dae, I understand. Aniyo aniyo. Gwenchana, I can handle this. No worries. Help me convey my blessings to her. Alright, see you again. Have a good sleep. Bye.” Worry and panic washed over his face and it was only evident that something was troubling him.

“What is it, hyung? What happened?” Kris stepped forward and asked, equally worried.

The manager gave you a look and you knew you were making it difficult for him since you weren’t supposed to

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