Sunggyu is stuck in a never-ending playlist, looped and tracked to an indefinite amount of plays. His priorities are twisted into a direction only beneficial to two people. He walks with no purpose, already have lost everything he could have pursued. He's too late, six years to be exact. 

His every breath feels wasted, and he seeks refuge in another country. But a lone photographer caught sight of Sunggyu, and grew a small interest. He is faced with new oppertunities, or be strapped by his ever-lasting emotions that tied him down from anything for the last ten years. 



Warnings: Quite a lengthy one shot. A bit sad, but you know. No Edits

Pairings: _________+ Sunggyu (find out yourself)
Implied Myungyeol, Yadong. 


Inspired by: images! [main focus] [idea] ; [this] ; [this?] ; [and maybe this] ;
my recent mental breakdown
Henry's Trap
i dunno, other factors



See you soon. 



"Once his phone faded to a dark screen, he threw it onto the coffee table along with an empty mug stained on the inner sides with a slight orange. A sob racked his body, his head feeling heavy and tears detached themselves from the sides of his eyes. He had no control, once the other person was gone, he was alone. By himself, he always was.

Everything felt foreign. "

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