Apartment 404


Living in a small apartment doesn't exactly give Youngjae the peace and quiet he needs. And when his newest, noisiest neighbor moves in, things begin to get a tad bit...out of hand.   


To the manwhore in Apartment 404: 

Kindly keep it in your pants or a less vulgar dog.

I can hear you shagging.








I wasn't in the mood to update Those Little Things and this one shot idea has been bugging me for a while. Today I wanted to write something but didn't know what, so I decided to do this. Don't know when this'll be up - and I'm pretty sure I might end up changing the description and foreword because I at those and they're both lame. Idk. 

So this is a Daejae oneshot - most likely somewhat long? idek lol this is a three shot

There's Jonglo because why not and if you do a dance around a fire circle you might find some Banghim.

Warning: There are implied scenes and ual inneundos (not to mention a lot of cursing because sassy!Jae is the best), but I didn't find the need in rating this story since there is no actual scene. Now there is oops






uh idk why it says I updated this. I was just editing things lol sorry for the misunderstanding

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Re-green #1
Chapter 4: I read again this story (because of "story update"). I kinda forgot what will happen xD
Ah... this was good!!!
Chapter 4: I loved it ohmygoddddd this was hilarious and adorable at the end im crying
Chapter 4: This has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read in my life i really loved it
Chapter 4: i'm not into and all this stuff, but damn i love this story !! props to you author-nim ! it's simple, funny, cute , *coughs* hot and beautiful !!
everything is perfect , loved the characters especially Himchan's and Yongguk's lol
i like the ending tho :3 !
doctor-candy #6
Chapter 4: Why did you deleted the last chapter of this fic? I want to read it again, senpai T_T
I love this ff so much