A hug friend forever.


This is the sequel for Always a hug friend. http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/47327/always-a-hug-friend-fangirl-kyuhyun-oneshot-superjunior-zhoumi. This story goes forward after five years. Kyuhyun who was brokenheart after Eun Mi got married later started dating different female idol every night while Eun Mi try to survive her lives with a daughter, Jihyun after her husband died in an accident. She works temporary as coordi noona for SHINee. She has works with SHINee for three months and no one in Super Junior found out until she bump into Zhoumi one day. Which lead to Kyuhyun saying. "Noona, I hate you"


This is my second short shot. I'm really sorry for the one that voted for looooooong shot. I never thought others will prefer long shot that short one. Cheongmal mianhaenyo. but please please enjoy my two shots. Hope you enjoy. and dont forget to comment * poke poke gomawoyo. XD

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Chapter 2: Sequel pleasssssse its sooooo cuteeeeeeee
coool :))))
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