my twelve boys.


                we're happy,free,

 confused, and lonely

this story will star you and the 12 boys known as exo . 

all 12 boys will be your love interests . in this story you , the reader(s) ,

will vote on what will happen in the story .

you , the reader(s) , are a 17 year old girl named Kim Yun-Ji ( 김연지 )  .

you will meet all these boys on your first day at your new school. you had recently

just transfered there. you moved to seoul because of your parents' extended 

business trip. you are now living alone in a high end apartment in downtown seoul . 



all at the

same time. 



w - 206  h  - 60


{ the reader ( you ) - Kim Yun-Ji ( 김연지 )  }

you are a 17 year old teenage girl named kim 

yunji. you go by yunji. you are a very shy girl 

with social anixety and trust issues. you have a

very difficult time making friends since you are 

afarid to let people into your life and trust them 

because of an incident that ruined your trust with 

everyone. you have transfered to this new school 

becuase your parents are on a extended business 

trip and are unable to take you with them. so you 

have moved to a high end apartment provided by 

your parents where you will be under the supervision 

of your older brother . you and your older brother

 have transferedto the school in the midde of the 

school  year. will you make friends and give them a

chance or will you push everyone away ? 

w - 206  h  - 60


{| Kim Woonha ( your brother ) | }

you and your brother are very close.

your parents are constantly away on 

business always leaving you with your  

older brother to look to for most of your 

life for. he is making the move with you 

to the new school. he will be living 

seperately from you for 2 months. 

he only wants the best for you,and will 

support you no matter what you do.



w - 206  h  - 60


{ [ exo ] }

this group of boys will be your love interests

through out the whole story. you love all 

of them equally. but as a 16 year old teenage

girl ,  it's hard to control your feelings and

, determine what you should do so you're

constantly having a war in yourself about

which one you choose , should choose

and even if you should pick one at all . 





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are you still gonna continue this? ;A;
fylipapink #2
Hi:) it sounds like an interesting story, i hope you will update soon :)