Agent & Dr. C


When Detective Cho Kyuhyun is paired up with Dr. Choi Sooyoung, a cold forensic pathologist, little does he know that not only his professional life will change, but also his personal one. What seems like an ordinary co-worker relationship to him is anything but that for Dr. Choi. Carrying the burden of a lost love between the two of them, Sooyoung struggles to keep their past a secret from him and their relationship strictly professional. Battling crime, one autopsy at a time, the duo find themselves brought back to the past against Sooyoung's will.


At a crossroad between two women, one from his past and one from the present, Kyuhyun must eventually chose between his three year old relationship with Victoria or a new future with Sooyoung, but he will soon discover that both women have been hiding secrets from him.


Hello Everyone,


Nice to meet you all! This is my second story, and I am kinda very excited for this one!! So for this story, I decided to take my characters outside of the k-pop world and into the working world. If all goes well, I think this might be seasoned, meaning pairings will change from one season to another, so be prepared from some angst...and yes for those who know me cliffhangers!


So, I hope you are ready for this story! Please give it a lot of love, no need to kiss the computer screen. As usual, this story is for you guys, so if you have any pairing requests, you want a new character, or have any kind of ideas just leave it in the comments and I'll take note of it! This story will be a bit CSI, BONES themed, so if you have any ideas for mystery plots please leave them in the comments, if not I'll be inspiring myself from local and maybe international stories.


Also, before I leave, not all SNSD and SJ characters will come out at once, so you might have to wait a bit before meeting them. I am sorry :(


Okay now, have fun reading !


Disclaimer: I have no trainning in the medical field, forensic pathology or detective works, so please do not use my story as a reference for anything. This story is pure fiction.

Credits of this beautiful poster go to neonflowers, who made it for us between Capter 6 and 7. Thank you so much~~ ♥

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Chapter 9: Seriously, i'm in love wth this story! Good job authornim :D
bukaqiaqia #2
My favorite! I am a new reader and so glad to find this awesome story!
Ps.Did sooyoung lie about her phone to avoid kyu using it?
trotch #3
Chapter 10: I'm a new reader and read it all at one shot. It's so good!!! I'm waiting for the next season!
soobeautifulchoi #4
Chapter 10: I love it :D
I can't wait for the next chapter :D
Chapter 10: You did a great job on your trailer, nice editing.... Can't wait for the next season.

lulu88 #6
Chapter 10: When I so it marked as completed I was confused and disappointed and then her it is another part of this wonderful story , and the trailer is great .
going to read season two now :)
Chapter 10: OMG *_* the trailer ..,, is AWESOME !!!
can't wait for the next season !
hope kyuyoung will still be alive !
update soon, hwaiting !
neonflowers #8
Chapter 10: Waaah cant wait for the second season but then how come when i click the link it redirects me to my stories...?

I mean idk if its just my phone going cray cray or you made a mistake HAHA
singsongsungjong #9
Great story! ^_~
lohsna #10
Chapter 10: for a sec i thought you abruptly make this complete *sob sob.
Yeeeeeey season 2. Lets go :D