My Gangster Boyfriend

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Now that things in your life and school gets 'perfect', a new drama will arrive and things get more complicated and confusing. (Sequel to My Secret Prince is A Gangster)  


Hello everyone! Since, the fanfic My Secret Prince Is a Gangster won the poll garnering 200+ votes and many are asking me already, due to public demand, I made a sequel to it! Thanks so much for participating the poll!

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New Boyfriend, New Friends, New Best friend, New Enemy and New Rival?


1st Semester on your new school is going to end. 

2nd Semester is going to start, a new friend will arrive and problems will come one by one...






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Chapter 42: Great story, will read again! ^-^
HellenWu #2
Chapter 4: “Let’s leave! We can’t mess up with her.” the tall, dark-skinned guy rubbed his bottom lip with his thumb.
I don't know why but I am imagining that guy is Kai. lol
Chapter 42: the story is really sweet
Chapter 42: great story
tehsweety #5
Chapter 42: I love your stories. I really enjoy read them.
stephanfelix #6
Chapter 42: Amazing I love your stories
giekyungso #7
Chapter 42: it^
seohyun136 #8
Chapter 4: I hate that JIN AE JEEEZ. but still love your story doe
Baekkicon #9
Chapter 7: Huh.. that y girl.. I swear I hate her in this story..
TaeNySmile123 #10
Chapter 42: I don't know how many times I re-read this story *and also the first part of the story. I love both story*
That's how much I love this story :D
I love the plot, the characters, and everything :)
You are awesome!!!