Who's the Daddy?

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Dara wants a baby, but she wants it alone where no man is required. Jiyong lost the bet, so now he must do the consequence it comes with. How will two lives collide?


Author's Note:

I know... you don't have to tell me. If you've read my latest blog post you know what might happen to my other stories. Anyway I'm actually excited for this one! I find myself laughing when this idea came to mind. I mean how often do a girl say I want a baby alone? Not very often neh? Well Dara is different. 

Anywho, I hope you'll like this. It's not M so yea hey! hehehe I'm kinda moving the opposite way from Mother Earth. But my rated stories will remain here. I'll update them asap! 

For now enjoy this! Thank you in advance for understanding and the support! I apologize if I haven't made much progress on all my stories. I'm trying my best I tell you. But it's been tough. Anyway Thank you all! I hope you all would like this one too.


SeungsKa! (_ _) *bow*


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Dara Park,

wants a baby, but she's doesn't want a boyfriend or a husband with it. She wants a baby alone. She thinks it's enough for her to survive and be happy as she turns slowly into an ahjumma.

Who needs a man's love when you have a love of a child alone.

She was confident that she can raise a child by herself and pregnancy will just be one smooth ride for her.

But then...

The question is, how will she do it alone if she doesn't have a lover?

And where does she go aside from adopting?

Just like the smart Dara that she is, she thought of a place that could make her wish happen.

Without having to go through all the troubles of finding a man and fail another relationship.

Where you ask?

To the nearby hospital that offers from donors to women who wanted to conceive alone.

"You've got to be kidding me," her friend looked at the huge sign in front of them that had Bank written in big, bold letters.

"Oh I am not kidding Bommah," Dara grinned seeing her destiny right in front of her. "This is my faith! It's where I'll get my baby! Now let's go unnie and start browsing their catalog!"

"They have catalogs?" Bom was stunned. "If one day you ask for its father Dara, you're alone on that!"

"Tsk! Like I need the father!" she laughed. "I got this on my own! I can handle this! It's the baby I am after!"

"You might eat your words after this!" her friend exclaimed, but Dara could only shake her head ignoring her friend's warning after all its the baby she wants.



Kwon Jiyong,

had lost a bet and now he must suffer whatever consequence his Top hyung wanted.

He wanted to prove his hyung that he doesn't need love to be happy.

That a person like him doesn't need to get married and have kids to have a perfect life.

Jiyong believes that his faith in life is to be forever single who just mingle with different women.

And have no personal relationhip to any of them other than what he thinks a guy wants and desire.

A man who doesn't believe in love and happy ever after couldn't believe what he was told to do.

Jiyong's eyes were wide open seeing what was in front of him. Sure, he had lost the bet.

But this was not what he was expecting as a consequence from his friend.

"Hyung," he uttered shock. "You've got to be ing kidding!"

He stared at the huge sign in front of them with Bank written all over it.

"Nope," Top laughed seeing the shock in his friend's face. "You said you don't need a wife or kids then might as well be generous and donate your so called perfect genes."

"No, I can't hyung," Jiyong was about to walk away, but Top grasped quickly on his arm tightly.

"I won fair and square bro!" his friend smirked. "Now let's get you donate something precious for all the ahjumma ladies who wants a baby!"

"What did I get myself into?" Jiyong muttered nervous. "!"


hey all! I'm still alive! I will update soon! I just had to get my birthday week outta the way!

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Chapter 30: Thank you author for this wonderful story !!! Seriously I laughed hard in each and every chapter especially Mrs kwon and bomm their characters are just amazing!!! Your writing skill is just wow and it is the best romcom story I read over here till now !!! God bless you !!! Keep smiling and keep writing...<3
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