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SS 2021

NT 2013


Spring / Summer Collection 2021

Layout Information

Customization Difficulty


Format ﹕ Roleplay
Theme ﹕ Abstract/Minimal
Cross-Platform ﹕ AFF & RPR Friendly
Responsive Layout ﹕ No
Coded By ﹕ Font-Size

Instructions on how to adjust and customize theme is provided in the code as the several layers might cause some issues when editing the layout to your liking, Please read the instructions provided before making any changes! Suggesting to Keep Raw copy of code open on another tab to use it as reference.

Includes the following:

◉ Version 1.0.0
   ◦ Main Page (Info + Rules Combined)
     ➝ Contents: About, Stats, Rules, Admins, Application Format, Masterlist, Wishlist, Updates, Affiliates
◉ Version 1.1.0
   ◦ Main Page (Info Only)
     ➝ Contents: About, Stats, Admins, Application Format, Wishlist, Updates, Affiliates

⊛ Misc Pages:
   ◦ Rules Page
      ➝ Contents: Rules
   ◦ Room Page
      ➝ Contents: Image (Optional), Description
   ◦ Announcement / Event Page
      ➝ Contents: Image (Optional), Description
   ◦ Couples Page
      ➝ Contents: Image, Date

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