Whenever it rains, Kyungsoo comes back. Funny thing is, Jongin always forgets Kyungsoo died six years ago.



 [ petrichor (n.): the smell of earth after a rain ]


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Title: Petrichor
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin
Length: fourshot
Genre: Angst
Rating: Pg-13, possibly NC-17
Warning: may contain triggers; read with caution
A/N: I feel like this was unconsciously inspired by JYJ's "In Heaven" M/V? I didn't really intend on duplicating it or anything but I recently watched the M/V again (15.02.25 to be exact) and I do see many similarities so I'm putting "creds" here just in case (I'm framed for plagiarism or anything because 1. that wasn't in my intentions at all, but 2. I need justification anyway).





"not me
he says
you can't love me
i am
and dirt
and nothing more

to which i reply
the earth is
and dirt
and nothing more
and so you are my world."


—  ( anonymous )



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just a warning but this fic seriously contains triggers. read at your own risk - i won't explain what triggers bc spoiler, but they're there.

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 2: Your writing style is amazing ! I can't wait to read more :)
chensubs #2
Chapter 2: i am excited reading this plot cuz ksoo has such a lovely character but still mysterious altogether aND YES I AM READY
Coffee2s #3
Chapter 2: I really like this so far!
Chapter 2: Just amazing! Well done
Chapter 2: It's a beautiful story. Wished it was longer
*kyungsoo. MY BAD.
I want to read this bit when jongin is already dead I don't know how to handle or what to expect for the end.....butireallywannareadthis
miche_stephyIzq #8
The graphics surprised me. So pretty!
Chapter 2: this kind of writing is an aesthetic...something which made me feel like i'm in a calm, peaceful, yet gloomy place. this style is meticulously vague, had this mysterious vibe which made me want to read more.

this is beautifully written. i love this piece, really. although i hope it was complete...
Chapter 2: What?!?! Wow, I'm mindblown! This story had me on my seat, anticipating the next scene T_T Such a beautiful story this is~