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"Taemin! Come on! Wake up, we have practice today!" Kibum's voice echoed through Taemin's room. Taemin groaned and put the pillow over his head. He could still hear Kibum but it wasn't as loud anymore. Just as he was about to fall asleep again, Kibum opened the door and stood by Taemin's bed in a second.
"Wake up before I throw a bucket of ice cold water on you", Kibum said with a loud voice. Taemin's eyes widened and he sat up so fast that it went black for his eyes. He learned the hard way that if Kibum said something like that, he really meant it. When Taemin's sight became normal again he stretched and yawned.
"What do we have today?" Taemin asked, looking at Kibum with tired eyes.
"First we have vocal practice and after that we have dance practice so get up before we get late." Kibum grabbed Taemin and dragged him out of his bed to his closet. "Let's see...", Kibum said scanning the clothes inside the closet. "It's hot today so you should wear a tank top." He took out a tank top with a dragon on it. "And those black pants. Are they too tight?" Even thought the pants are tight they fit Taemin perfectly.
"No, they fit great." Taemin took the clothes from Kibum and got into the bathroom for a quick shower. 
The water felt great so early and Taemin wanted to stay longer but he had to hurry up. He quickly dried himself and dressed in a minutes. When he went out from the bathroom, the cold air hit him and made him shiver. But there wasn't much time left so he quickly packed some clothes for dance practice; a tank top with a hood and knee long shorts. Perfect. They matched at least... Looks like living with Kibum and his cloth advices affected him.
He made his way out to the front door where Kibum and Jinki were already waiting by the door while Minho and Jonghyun tied their shoes. He fixed his shoes fast and they went to their van and were off to the studio.
Taemin didn't hate vocal practice but it was kinda unnecessary since they often sing at home but he improved much since his debut from the practice so he shouldn't complain. 
He couldn't wait for dance practice. To dance the stress away, to let the music take over his body, to not have to think about anything anymore.
After what felt like an eternity, the vocal practice was over and they had a short break before they have dance practice but Taemin went there immediately. He changed quickly and went inside the practice room. 
He played a random song, which turned out to be ‘Let me know’ by ’NLT’, and started moving his body in a perfect rhythm to the music. He danced like nothing mattered, like he didn’t become tired. The music stopped and he stood still until the echo was gone and waited for the next song that never came. Instead a voice he could recognize everywhere echoed through the room.
”You shouldn’t dance so much before training. You’ll lose all your energy.” Taemin looked in the mirror and saw his best friend Kim Jongin looking back at him.
”When did you get here?” Taemin panted. Jongin grabbed a bottle of water and gave it to Taemin who drank half of it. Jongin sat down in the middle of the room and tapped on the floor beside him, motioning for Taemin to sitdown with him, which he did.
”I came here in the middle of the song", Jongin said and Taemin smiled at him. "By the way, it was an awesome dance. Can you teach me sometime?” 
If Taemin agreed to teach Jongin the dance then he would get more time with him and that was what he wanted since they don't meet so often.
”Sure, I will", Taemin smiled. ”But what are you doing here anyway?” Jongin looked at him with fake hurt eyes.
”You don’t want me here?” Jongin faked a sob. Taemin stared at him, trying to make him laugh and after a few seconds it worked. They both started laughing at Jongin’s failed sadness. 
”But seriously, what are you doing here?” Taemin asked again. And this time, Jongin actually answered.
”I was having dance practice with EXO and manager hyung told us that you have dance after us so I decided to wait for you since we don’t see each other much anymore and I miss hanging with you even if it’s just for some minutes.” Taemin felt the same way. He really missed hanging with Jongin. He can’t remember when they last talked properly. 
”We should hang out this week. I don’t think I have any schedule tomorrow”, Taemin said, trying to remember his schedule. 
”I don’t have any schedule either tomorrow. So-”, Jongin was cut off when a door opened and the rest of SHINee entered with their trainer. Taemin and Jongin greeted them and before Jongin could go, Taemin grabbed his hand.
”I’ll call you tonight.” Jongin nodded and walked out. 
Taemin usually wanted the dancing hours to be longer but this time he wanted it to end fast so he could call Jongin and they could finally hang out. 
After two long hours, the dance practice finished. Taemin didn’t hurry, instead he waited for his bandmates to pack up so they could go shower. 
He remembered once when they had finished dance practice and EXO had dance practice after them. He remembered standing beside Jongin, talking about their dances and Taemin stealing some glances at Jongin’s bare chest when he changed. Taemin always looked at Jongin’s body moving to a song, he thought he was only amazed by the moves but when he caught himself thinking of Jongin’s body and his friendly touch, he realized it was more than friendship. To him at least. He knew Jongin didn’t feel the same way towards him.
”Yah, Taemin. What are you spacing out about?” Kibum’s voice brought him back to reality.
”Let him be. I’m sure he’s thinking about a girl”, Jonghyun smirked. Taemin’s face heated up. It wasn’t a girl but his crush. He shook his head in denial and started undressing. He took a fast shower and dressed up in some fresh clothes, really fast so his hyungs wouldn’t leave him alone. 
The way home was long but relaxing, even thought they all talked loudly. And finally when they were home, Taemin went straight to his room. He closed the door, dropped his bag on the floor and jumped on the bed texting Jongin.
Hiiii~ I don’t have any schedule tomorrow so should we do something? :)
Taemin texted and waited a few minutes until he got a reply. He had already looked if he had anything tomorrow but he luckily didn't.
Yeah, sure. Can I come over to your dorm tomorrow at lunch? :)
Of course. See you then ^^
Taemin was happy. He would finally hang out with Jongin tomorrow. He couldn’t wait. 
And just like that, Taemin fell asleep with his clothes still on and a smile on his face.
Here's the first chaper! I know it's short and doesn't seem good but this is the best way I can think of to begin the story and it's hard to write on an iPad >___<
And since you already know they'll be together I can tell you that they will confess in the next chapter ;) 
I'll update sometime next week since school starts on Tuesday and I have to get my things ready and all T__T
Btw here's the link to the dance Taemin danced ^^
Wow 20 subbies already? :O you guys are the best! ^O^ see you next week~~ ^^
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Chapter 24: It's so beautiful!!
I love it!!!!!!!
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Chapter 24: I Enjoyed Reading That It Was Sweet Loving Adorable Cute & Funny I Loved It's The Best Ending Ever Thanks:DYay!TaeKai Fan All The Way:D
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