365 Days of Marriage




365 Days of Marriage


Author: Ifaloyshee | Cast: Kim Junmyeon/SuHo, Hwang Byul (Oc), EXO and SM Family| Genre: Romance, Marriage life| Rating: PG | Disclaimer: Casts are belong to God. The storyline is mine.

365 Days of Marriage; Chapter one

Copyright ©2013 Ifaloyshee

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Entertainment Weekly Special Interview with EXO K’s Suho and Hwang Byul

“So, can you tell us about your first meet wih Suho, Byul-ssi?”

She positioned herself to sit more comfortable and folded her legs, a small smile appeared on her face as she started to answered. “I didn’t remember it…clearly, but it was in the middle of crowded city as everyone gathered around on the street to do their business. Suho accidentally bumped me and made me almost fell to the ground.”

“Do both of you know each other before?”

She shook her head. “Nope. We are completely stranger before, even I hate him because of that short meeting at our first.”

“Did you know that someone that had just bumped to you is EXO K’s leader?”

“unfortunately, not.”

“that’s even… weird. Don’t you know about EXO at all?”

Again, she shook her head. It Made the MC raised his eyebrows because of her knowledge about Kpop industry is just very out of date. He wondered why.

“I rarely listen to Kpop music, I prefer Western more and some of instrumental songs.”

The MC nodded his head then go back to read the paper that he’s holding right now. “How do you feel about that?” questioned him, still looking into the paper.

“uhm.. about what?”

The MC lifted up his head and looking into Byul which was looked nervous more than ever. “About your feeling that you married EXO K’s leader. Please explain to us.”

“uhm….” She bit her lower lip and tried to looking for the right words to say because she didn’t want people to get her wrong or get misunderstanding—she is clueless and a totally dumbfounded where is goes to speak about feelings.

The MC, together with all of the audience get curious yet impatient with her answer. But it looked like she wont to say anything yet she managed to keep off for some minutes.

“Just say anything. We all already know about your marriage, there’s nothing to hide and even if you say you don’t love him its okay though—“


The MC narrowed his eyes at her.

“I mean… of course Suho and I get married with love and… and its impossible to say that I didn’t love him.”

“…yeah that’s all.”

“So, Hwang Byul-ssi, You just admitted that you love him? That your marriage indeed happened because of pure love not a contract or anything. There’s so many rumours about your fake marriage. I think you just confirmed about what’s actually right.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Uhm… we, I mean.. Suho and i… had been signed a cont—“

“Sorry im late.”

The sudden voice could be hear and interrupted Byul’s words. There came Kim Junmeyon or what people often call him, SuHo. The leader of EXO K. he entered the room with a wide smile and bowed to the audience, The MC, then placed himself right beside Byul. He sat on the seat and glanced at her for a few seconds, he could catch Byul’s redden cheeks and get wonder why she acted like that.

“Nah, You’re here Suho-ssi. We’ve been waiting for you and I did some interesting conversation with your wife.” Said the MC.

intereseting your .’ Cursed Byul in her mind, but she placed her fake smile as the MC glanced at her. Suho knows her well, he nealy laugh like he can read her mind. But of course, he cant. Suho is just a normal guy with no supernatural ability at all.

“Ah mianhae. I just had a schedule before and I cant skip it. Luckily the interview is still going, I thought everyone had already left when I reached her.” He laughed lightly at his own joke. The MC just smiled and turned his position to face him.

so, I just asked Byul-ssi the rumour about your marriage that had been spreaded all over the world.”


“About our… fake marriage.” Said Byul.

“Ah… about that…”

Deep in her heart, Byul is very nervous about his answer because Suho isn’t a typical guy that will tell a lie nor make a scenario about something that he experienced. It’ll make a big fuss if Suho admitted in this interview that their marriage is just a signed marriage—its just stand for 365 days.

“About that, I will confirm that all the rumours…. All wrong.”

Byul turned to him and stared at him in disbelief. Suho replied it with a ‘please-act-normal-like-it-was-true’ gaze. Then Byul turned her head back to face the audience and nodded slightly.

“we love each other for a long time. And to married her is truly my decision because I love her, there’s no signed contract or anything. But at that time we want to make it secret because we afraid that EXO’s fans might be disappointed so we didn’t make any confirmation neither press conference. But sooner, we will.”

The MC just nodded and the audience watch in awe, its because Suho’s brave statement.

Byul looked down and linked her fingers. She bit her lower lips and drown deeply into her thought. Why did Suho made that statement? Its almost a year—just wait for several days more—and they will divorce. Both of them wont be living together anymore. It was just a stupid idea of Suho, she cursed. What will people react when Suho and she divorce? People might be talk about bad things towards Suho because he made such a nonsense statement abour love and marriage. That isn’t nice.

So its confirmed that it wasn’t a fake marriage. And even some of Netizen said that your marriage only last for a year. Ah, they must be sorry about that.” The MC sighed.

“A year? Well, no. I will make it longer.”

Byul turned at him once again in disbelief.


A year ago.

The start..

The progress…

About A marriage between Kim Junmyeon and Hwang Byul which was contain lots of happiness and tears. Ups and downs.

Hello, my name is Hwang Byul and im a novelist. I will make a book about EXO as President SooMan asked me. So starting for now I will dig a lot of information about EXO and write it afterwards. This is the document that I already signed.”

“Im Kim Junmyeon, EXO K’s leader. Nice to meet you and…wait, did you signed a wrong document?”


“its written here… a marriage contract.”

“Wait, what?”

“….with me.”


“wait.. I already signed it too. There’s my signature here.”

“Like… seriously? Don’t be kidding me Suho-ssi.”

“Am not. Its our marriage….for 365 days…”

She is a real definition of stubborn girl and very impatient, yet she is sensitive and easily to cry even just because of small things. She was born on 1992 but already lived alone in her small apartment. An independent girl who loves writing and doing photograph. She isn’t rich but have a good taste on music either fashion and her natural beauty impress anyone although she’s too skiny and not confident enough.

But yeah, its her.

Hwang Byul

He was born to be a leader. To manage people and rule them as much as he wants, and his leadership is always stick on him. He’s very patient yet wise so that’s why he get chosen as EXO K’s leader. A very rich one. His ideal type is any type of girl as he mentioned in a reality show one day but… he never expect that his wife will be a stubborn one that even he cant set her.

But yeah, he still the leader.

Kim Junmyeon





Well hello there! I made this one because whenever i see Suho in a reality show or etc, i think he must be tired of tight schedules and all (because he's the leader) so i want someone to take care of him and idk i ended up making this story hehehe. so sorry for bad grammars bcs english isn't my main language :( but i tried my best.

well, comments and subscribers are love! They give me inspiration to writing :)


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