My Enemy, My Lover

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We're the same, but we're different.

We're enemies, but we're forced to be together.

We're torn between love and loyalty.


Two wolf clans - the Cinereo and the Tenebris - have been enemies for three centuries. The Cinereo, or the silver wolves, are led by the EXO-K pack, while the Tenebris, or the black wolves, are led by the EXO-M pack. The war has been silent ever since the EXO packs took over the clans, but little do they know that one small matter can cause the burning fire of hatred to ignite once again. 

He is  of the silver wolves. A strong fighter, who is trustworthy and calm.

She is of the black wolves. A silent leader with an intimidating aura.

They are both loyal to their clans, but they must break their fidelity in order to be together. They are mates after all, so they don't have a choice but to go against the wolf clans' codes.

Two born enemies become star-crossed lovers, who must choose between their love and their loyalty. 


theme songs: real love by crucial star  :: heart by heart by demi lovato



Side Note - Cinereo mean 'gray' in Latin and Tenebris means 'dark' in Latin. That is how I came up with the clan names. 

Disclaimer - Please no plagiarizing my story. This was all made up by me. If your story is similar to this, I deeply apologize. I never a read a fic with this plotline, so I wouldn't have known. 

MEML - I'm so sorry for the long wait, but I'm back! Look out for new updates :)

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JackieZ 50 streak #1
Chapter 32: Hi, just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your story hahaha
Anyways Kris is so delulu it irritates the out of me. Even all the other pack-members of both k and m are so close minded omg. And don't get me started on the council.
Can't wait to see where this story is going tho❤
wonderdream #2
Chapter 32: Poor Baek and yiru :/ They should run to another country.^_^
harukarukpop #3
Chapter 32: can't they just run away and live with the humans!!!
Chapter 32: can kris stop bein denial of everything? is it dumb to choose not to marry kris and die instead? i. am. so. angry!!

and by the way, i didn’t say this the last chapter, but welcome back, author nim~ this story is one of the most anticipated to update for me, i’m glad you didn’t leave it like i thought you would be, ehehehe
Chapter 32: And i think the one who became a victim for this is baekhyun... -_-
Chapter 32: Oh.. and yiru is stupid too.. if you dont have the same feeling just tell the truth! No need to lead other people... Urgh! I seriously hate this!
Chapter 32: Sorry i cant help but to say... Kris is stupid !!!!
Chapter 32: The marriage can be cancel if kris accept the fact that he has a mate outside, right kris?
Chapter 32: Well, if its me, i just wish myself dead. End of drama.
199 streak #10
Chapter 32: How come council be so rude.... they are wolf as well ain't they, so they should know better the power of mate bond...