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He is supposed to bring her back to her boyfriend as they start criss-crossing through the country. But somewhere along the way, between long car rides and uncountable nights under the starry sky, they end up finding more than they bargained for: a love that will consume them. But when they reach their destination, what will they have left? Fate wasn't done with them yet.

You know why a Spider Lily is called the flower of separation?

It’s because the leaves and the flowers can never meet.

The flowers can only blossom when the leaves are all withered away.

They miss one another to grow the sprout and bloom the flowers,

but in the end they leave their yearning for each other and never unite.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Even in death, they seem to miss each other like lovers.


- Soah (Bride of the Water God)





Hello my dear readers! I am really excited for this fic, since I decided to try out 'something new'.

The story is also mostly inspired by my favorite german book "Der Kuss des Kjer", my favorite movie "Letters to Juliet" and Jesse McCartney's video and lyrics to "Just so you know". I don't know much about road trips through countries neither do I exactly know every city and edge of China, but I always do my research very detailed, please bear with me!

This fic will deal more with the character's feelings and their own developments and will probably be more poetic, romantic and descriptive. The pace will be rather slow since every chapter will revolve around one day. But the plot will also play a huge role and there are some twists, just so you know.

Wanderlust means 'a strong desire to travel'.

Nevertheless, enjoy!


The Ren in this story is not Nu'est-Ren! 


I do not allow this fic to be translated, no need to ask me for permission. Reposts on other sites are not allowed, either.


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[Wanderlust] After more than a year, the epilogue will be posted this weekend, pls anticipate!

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Chapter 1: Will some movie makers notice this fanfic and make it alive? I read it 3 times (soon gonna be the 4th) and it is just such a beautiful story??????
Chapter 14: i am feeling bad for ren I hope he turns out to be a worse person T_T
89 streak #4
Chapter 36: Finally after years of procrastinating I finally finished reading this story, and I’m feeling very touched right now, both because of your story and the author’s note.
I really we will eventually find our future <3
It’s been a really wonderful and touching journey! Thank you for writing and sharing this, and I’ll see you in your other works :))))
Reread this after 2 yrs and still amazed at the beautiful and touching story :')
audiyahh #6
Been come and go to this fic, read all these stories again and learn a lot chinese culture is a plus. Thank you for this beautiful storiesㅠㅠ
It's great but I can't when she already has a boyfriend
reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love this story^^
this fanfic is still the best for me. i've read it over a year ago and i suddenly miss luhan and mei :')
mykeea #10
Chapter 36: Im crying :(