Chapter 5

Take a deeper look at me, cinder-Jay




I kinda edited the prev chap. So basically Jay is around 17 and you're 16 almost 17 :) 

And i know it's kinda slow but still, i hope you'll read this and comment and subscribe! Thanks!!!


He unconsciously took your hand and drag you inside the school. He can see you smiling widely from the corner of his eyes and he smiled at the sight. The male students gaped at your beauty and the girls too.

"Annyeong!" you cheerfully greeted them.

"Sorry, she's a bit hyper today" jay said before he drags you to the administration office.

"We have the same class!!!! and where's my locker? AH! next to yours?! uwaaa daebak! let's go" you keep blabbering, not noticing some students are watching you and Jay.

You opened your locker and stuffed some of your books inside when you heard someone greeted jay.

"you're back!" he said.

you looked at the guy. He has a good taste in fashion and has a face that can swoon girls. He noticed you and stared at your big eyes.

"who are you?" he asked and you grinned.

"Annyeong! I'm Lee ___!!!!" you said brightly.

"junhyung" he shook your hand.

"Oppa, let's go to the class!" you grab Jay's hand and tried to drag him to the class.

"oppa? Your girlfriend?" junhyung asked.

Jay shook his head and sigh.

"she's my fiance.. the one i told you about" he said.

"WHAT?!" junhyung shouted and you stopped at your track.

"what's wrong?" you asked.

"nothing, he's just surprised. Let's go junhyung" jay chuckled and walked with you.


"Hi! I'm Lee ____! Nice to meet you all!" you said as you smiled at the students.

"You can sit ...." the teacher looked around the class to find an empty spot.

"There! It's empty!" you said with bright tone, pointing at the seat next to jay's.

"She can sit here" he said, shaking his head when you happily skipped towards your seat.

"oppa, this school is daebak... different from the school in seattle" you whispered.

"I know, now study" he chuckled when your curious eyes kept roaming around the room in amusement.


"This is G.Na and Jinwoon" Jay introduced you to a pretty girl and a guy next to her.

"This is ___" he said.

"Hi" you smiled and sit next to Jay.

"You're very pretty unni" she said and you smiled, thanking her.

Both of you clicked since you're both girls and you have same interest.


At Home...

"she's very pretty... and kind"you said as you lie on the bed next to him. Both of you are watching some tv show.

Jay smiled bitterly and nods.

"i know.... do you think i deserve a chance? I mean, i know, we're engaged and all sorts.. but do you think i can have the chance to be with her? to make her happy?" he asked you.

You felt a pang in your heart as you saw his eyes. You meekly smile and nod.

"Of course! you're a great guy! girls would kill to be in my place right now" you joked.

'can't you see me instead?'you sadly thought as Jay turned his attention to the TV.


2011/06/23 thursday

By Seoulchae

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YunaJi #1
Chapter 10: Ohhh my goooshhhh shes the girl that Jay doesn't want to leave when they were young right?! RIGHT?! OMGGGGGG!
ilove_minho123 #2
Awww this is so cute! :)<br />
Aww this is such a warming story (; I love it <3
thank you!!! :)
Kyaa, i really like how there's two endings! (: Makes us readers have like a path to choose in a way! ^^ Good luck with your new fic! ^^
thank youuuuuu!!!!! :')
cute endings :)<br />
really liked your story ^^
ohmyyoungbae #8
awwwwwwwwwww. thank youuuuu!! :D
thank you!!<br />
i already made the forward and 1st chap of my new fic .<br />
I love the ending. Glad you made two ending for both of the guys. The pictures are nice. Can't wait to read your new fic.:)