Take a deeper look at me, cinder-Jay



You walked inside the cafe and wait for Jay to come. You also ordered a cup of tea and you stared blankly at the street to kill time.

"___!" someone called you.

You looked up and saw Jay is smiling at you from the cafe's doorway. You smiled back and wave your hand a little. In a matter of seconds he's already in front of you, with his sweet smile.

"Sorry i'm late" he smiled.

"How's G.Na?" You asked with your soothing voice.

"She'll be okay" Jay said.

"And you will be too, oppa. Here, drink this tea. It'll calm you down" you offered your her tea.

"Thanks." he smiled and sipped the tea.



"can i ask you something?" you said and he nods.

"can.. can we end this engagement?" you said and he look at you.


"I...i want to break off the engagement... i loved you oppa.i really do... From the moment we met, i've fell for you.No even before that."

"before that?" he tilted his head.

"yeah.. in the orphanage. I was the girl you've spent your times playing house with... But... but the thing is..."

"you love Jonghyun" he finished your sentence and you nod.

"yes... I.. i never thought i will but i did...I don't want to be engage while i'm in love with other guy..." you said.

He sighed.

"If i knew you were that little girl, i wouldn't let you go you know.. i've started to fall for you.... " he said.

"i'm sorry oppa..." your eyes brimming with tears.

"I want you to be happy. Go to him now. Shouldn't you meet him now?" he asked.

you stand up and hug him.

"thank you oppa." you said, taking off the engagement ring and went out of the cafe.

'i was too late' Jay smiled bitterly holding the ring in his hand.


"Hurry ajushi. To the park please" you said.


"She's not coming isn't she...." jonghyun smiled bitterly, sitting at the bench.

He looked at his work and sigh, trying very hard not to cry.

"she chose him....." he said again and stand up. 

He was about to get in his car leaving his work, when he heard a gasp.

"OH MY GOD... this is so pretty...." you whispered, not knowing anything.

Jonghyun looked back and saw you gasping at his work.

"oh my... i must've ruined someone's surprise... Where's oppa?" you looked around, not noticing jonghyun behind you.

You sighed and sit on the bench, looking at the candles.

"I guess i'm too late to tell him..." you whispered and your tears fell.

"she must be one lucky girl..." you thought looking around.

"It's for you" you jumped at the voice and saw Jonghyun looking at you.

you stand up and walk to him.

"oppa. I'm so sorry i was late... I--" he didn't let you finish your sentence as he pulled you into a tight hug.

"I thought you'd never came" he whispered.

"oppa..." you looked at his sad eyes and smile.

"I love you" you whispered and his eyes widened.

"jinjja?I-" he was speechless and blushing, causing you to giggle.

You tip toed and kiss him lightly on the lips.

"sa-rang-hae-yo. Jonghyun oppa" you repeated and this time he smiled.

"i'm supposed to say that first." he said and kiss you.

"i love you ____" he murmured between your kiss.

You felt something cold against your finger. when you broke off the kiss you looked at your hand and gasped.

"I know it's so simple.. but i saw how you like everything simple so i bought the simple one..." he rubbed the back of his head and grins.

"i love this" you smiled.

"Will you marry me?" he kneeled down.

You giggled and hug him.

"oppa, you already put the ring on my finger...Pabo" you kissed his cheek and smile brightly.


2011/07/06 wednesday

By Seoulchae


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YunaJi #1
Chapter 10: Ohhh my goooshhhh shes the girl that Jay doesn't want to leave when they were young right?! RIGHT?! OMGGGGGG!
ilove_minho123 #2
Awww this is so cute! :)<br />
Aww this is such a warming story (; I love it <3
thank you!!! :)
Kyaa, i really like how there's two endings! (: Makes us readers have like a path to choose in a way! ^^ Good luck with your new fic! ^^
thank youuuuuu!!!!! :')
cute endings :)<br />
really liked your story ^^
ohmyyoungbae #8
awwwwwwwwwww. thank youuuuu!! :D
thank you!!<br />
i already made the forward and 1st chap of my new fic .<br />
I love the ending. Glad you made two ending for both of the guys. The pictures are nice. Can't wait to read your new fic.:)